Why Being At Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Boston Made a Lasting Impact

Why Being At Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Boston Made a Lasting Impact

We were happy to be at #MakingStrides fighting against breast cancer!

Ali Wolf

I'm going to admit, the idea of getting up early for a walk can be daunting, but all those thoughts soon vanished once I arrived in Boston and realized what this walk really was.

This was more than just a walk. There were people everywhere on the Esplanade, gathered near the Hatch Shell just to hear people's stories and cheer them on.

All around were teams of all kinds: high school teams, college teams, survivor teams, and the list goes on and on.

Our sorority, Zeta Tau Alpha, whose philanthropy is breast cancer awareness and education, helped pass out pink ribbons to each person who attended. We helped to cheer people on during the root and at the finish line.

At the finish line were people of all kinds: survivors, caregivers, family, friends, and those who had lost their loved ones.

No matter who you were or why you were there, whether it was for a school or just to support a family member, they made it known that it was important that you came in order to help #MakeStrides against breast cancer.

Overall, it was such a humbling experience, and I can say that I would go year after year just to help support those walking and make a difference toward breast cancer. It's awareness and education that helps find the cure. After all, "Every little bit helps."

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