Why Being Adult Can Sometimes Suck
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Why Being Adult Can Sometimes Suck

A Tale of One Very Bad Cold in One Week

Why Being Adult Can Sometimes Suck

This past week I have been inconveniently marked with a terrible cold, and no one to take care of me. I started thinking whilst stuck in bed with tissues all over, how much I truly missed my Mommy. See when I used to get sick as a kid, I was able to stay home, and there was soup and cough drops at my beck and call, my mother or grandparents were there to make sure I was okay. I had the T.V to myself because my little sister wasn't sick so not in the house, hence no sharing channels. I obviously did not have a job or any obligations at all for that matter. However this time, things were different. I recently moved into my own apartment, and was blessed with a car.

So my alarm clock went off, and it was 9am. Now I thought long and hard on whether college was actually worth it, I thought to myself "Christina you're sick, do you really need a degree?" But I quickly heard my parents voice "You're an adult now so start acting like it." I got up, showered, put on as many sweatpants as possible because the chills don't stop, even if it's eighty one degrees outside. I drove to campus, bought some medicine, orange juice, and of course more cough drops, then went to class.

Now I hate to be the one sniffling and coughing, especially when the room is silent and packed with healthy people. But when attendance is 10% of your grade, and you don't feel like spending twenty-five dollars in the health center just so the doctor can tell you your sick, you end up being the student in the back row making a lot of noise and getting a lot of disgusting looking stares.

The good news is I survived, I went to class, went to work after, and found my way back at home by 7pm. The great news is that I have awesome roommates who bought me some soup, and ginger ale so I wouldn't have to cook. However, the best news is that I Christina Johnson got sick, but spent multiple days figuring out ways to get over it and staying disicplined in completing tasks on my daily schedule.

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