When I Look At You, I See Forever
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When I Look At You, I See Forever

And I'm not scared by that.

When I Look At You, I See Forever
Emily Marks

Sometimes you meet someone and you know right away that they're meant to be in your life. There are no ifs, ands, or buts about it. They're who you have been waiting for to enter into your life. They add to your life in a way you didn't know someone could. They bring you positive things that no one else has ever brought you.

They help you grow into a better person and they make you want to be a better person. They love you as-is and wouldn't change anything about you. They're the kind of person who will always be there for you, will always listen when you need someone. They have your back and you have theirs. And if you're lucky, you are rewarded with their presence for the rest of your life.

Simply put, when I look at you, I see forever. I'm not trying to be gushy or cliche. And yes, I realize I'm being both of those things. But sometimes it's so hard to even distinguish this mess of emotions inside me. It's hard to even conceptualize the fact that someone could have been made so perfectly for me.

Don't get me wrong. We are far from perfect. We have days where we will push each other's buttons and test each other's patience like there's no tomorrow. There are days when we'd rather just not talk because we know we are too grumpy to even filter our thoughts. There are times when we are annoying little shits to one another.

The positive times absolutely outweigh the negative by a long shot.

There are the times when all you need is a hug and that person is there for you. They stay with you all night until you feel better.

The times when you really just need someone to be on your side and you KNOW that they'll understand your viewpoint. You know they'll never fail to see your side of things.

The times when all you really need to hear is, "you're beautiful" from someone you know isn't lying. Because those two words can take me from a self-conscious wreck to my normal self. That is, of course, if it comes from the right person.

The times when you need someone to go on an adventure with. It could literally be as simple as doing inventory in an ambulance on a Saturday afternoon. It was so enjoyable because I got to spend time with you. And you got to spend time doing something you enjoy.

The times when you're crying on a Thursday because something went wrong at home. And you randomly catch me walking down the stairway and you stop me. I immediately walk to you, see that you're crying, and hug you. I didn't leave you until I knew you were okay. And I made you smile again. I hate seeing you cry, but I love having the ability to make you feel safer and better, even if it's just temporary.

The times when you need someone to listen to music with. Someone who sings at the same level as you so you can comfortably sing in front of them. They know the best songs, they know how to make you smile, and they're adorable as hell when they sing along.

The times when you need a reminder that not everyone is out to get you. Sometimes life throws bricks at you. And right when you stand up, another brick gets thrown to knock you down yet again. This person, you, reminds me that they've got my back. They're not going to add to the turmoil. They'll be my backbone when I'm healing from all the brick throwing.

The times when you feel misunderstood. You know you can go to them and they'll hear you out, ask clarification questions if needed, and validate your feelings. Because sometimes validation goes a long way.

The times when you need someone to say, "I love you." Hearing those words from someone who actually means it can literally change your whole viewpoint. I know you love me and I know you care. You don't leave any doubt in my mind.

With that being said, I see you in my future. Hopefully we stay in a relationship, but if not, friends would also be better than losing you all together.

I hope I can stay a constant in your life. Because you're a constant in mine. And honestly I don't know what I'd do without you. You fulfill me in the best of ways, even though I'm already complete by myself.

We're not always going to be perfect. But I can say with some certainty that staying in each other's lives is important for both of our well beings. You make me love and live in a way I've never experienced. It would be a shame if that were ever taken away. But I have faith in us. That's why when I look at you I see forever.

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