What Your Halloween Costume Says About You
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What Your Halloween Costume Says About You

In the real world, Halloween is when kids dress up in costumes and beg for candy. In college, Halloween is when young adults dress up in costumes and beg for free alcohol.

What Your Halloween Costume Says About You

If you're anything like me, you started planning your next Halloween costume on November 1, of last year. Or maybe you're biding your time, trying to think of the best possible idea. Or maybe you're just gonna go into your closet and dust off Ol' Trusty, the costume you go with every single year. Whatever the case, the costume you pick says a lot about who you are as a person. For example -

If you dress up as:

An animal ...

In the real world, Halloween is when kids dress up in costumes and beg for candy. In a Girl World, Halloween is the one day a year where a girl can dress up like a sexy rabbit and no other girls can say anything else about it. Cats, dogs, mice, bunnies, bumble bees, the list goes on. If it's alive and even remotely cute, chances are, some girl somewhere has made it into a Halloween costume. It might not be the most creative, but it's hot, it's easy, and you can probably reuse the animal ears like a million more times in the future. The girls who dress as animals may not particularly care about ingenuity, but they're definitely there to look good and have a good time, and isn't that what Halloween is all about anyway? You go, Glen Coco.

An angel or a devil ...

Everyone knows that for some people, Halloween is the only time you get to be something you're not. Usually, it's the good girls that dress up like a devil, as a way to experience what it's like to be bad for once ... and the girls who dress like angels are probably devils the other 364 days of the year.

A nurse/maid/teacher/princess, etc ...

Some may call you "basic," but not me. These costumes are classic for a reason, dude. Everyone looks good in them. Sure, there may be a million other maids and nurses running around on Halloween night, but rest assured, every single one of them will look good. These girls are really gonna rack up the Instagram likes and the comments that will inevitably be some variation of the fire and heart-eyed emojis.

A character from your favorite show ...

Some people might think dressing as your favorite television show character is, well, nerdy, but I say, who hasn't wanted to be a Khaleesi? Contrary to the popular belief that it's hip not to like things, being a fan of something is cool. Dress like a character from "The Walking Dead" or from the "Parks and Rec" or from "Scandal." It's the best way to make friends with people who are into the same things you are. You'll make instant friends when someone sidles up to you at a party and goes, "Are you Crazy Eyes from 'Orange is The New Black?'" Let your fan flag fly.

A current pop culture reference ...

You're dressed as a pop culture reference if you're the doughnut that Ariana Grande licked, Left Shark from Katy Perry's Superbowl performance, Kim Davis, Pizza Rat, Bill Cosby, the #LlamasOnTheLoose llamas, the Blue/Black White/Gold dress, or any other trending meme from 2015 that wouldn't have made sense a year ago. These people have a sense of humor and a quick wit that will have everyone dying to put them in their Snapchat story. You'll get gasps, chuckles, side-eyes, and even a few, "Um ... what are you?" But the people that get the joke will think you have like, the best costume on the planet. The joke may be hard to explain to your kids in the future when your grandchildren ask why you're dressed as a shark that dances off-beat, but it'll be worth it when you see the lightbulb flashing over your friend's heads when they finally understand what you are.

A celebrity or celebrities ...

We've all wanted to be Beyoncé. Halloween is the one day we can come even remotely close. Maybe you and your BFF are doing some kind of partner costume, where one of you is Drake and one of you is Meek Mill and you rap battle all night. Maybe one of you is Miley Cyrus and one of you is Nicki Minaj, ready to ask "Miley, what's good?" Maybe you just like, really love Lady Gaga and have been looking for a chance to impersonate the Mother Monster. Maybe you're just wearing khakis and you're Jake, from State Farm. If you're dressed as a celebrity, it's because you either love them or like, really hate them. It's trendy without being obscure, and depending on the celebrity, it's also relatively easy. Whatever celebrity you impersonate, be sure to stay in character, it makes the entire costume funnier. You can't claim to be Kim Kardashian if you don't ugly cry at least once that night.

Something actually scary ...

Some people missed the whole "dress like a sexy mouse" memo, and that's totally cool. Sure, you may not look as attractive as the maids or princesses, but that's fine because you're one of the rare ones who hasn't forgotten what Halloween is really about ... the one day out of the year when you can steal candy and scare children and not be branded a total psychopath. Keep spookin', friend. Don't ever let the scary spirit of Halloween die (until November 1, when you should probably stop trying to scare little kids, ya weirdo.)

Nothing ...

Maybe you procrastinated until the last minute. Maybe you're broke and had to make the tough decision between food and a new costume. Maybe you just ... really don't care about Halloween (do people like that exist?) Whatever the reason, you either put the minimal amount of effort into your costume, or you went as nothing at all. You may not be the most festive person, but at least you're easy going. The only thing you wanna be on Halloween is drunk happy.

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