When you look in the mirror, what do you see about yourself that you don’t like or want to change? Your nose? Your mouth? Your freckles? Well what about when you look in the mirror and hate everything you see? At that point in time, how much do you wish you were someone else?

Hating everything about yourself makes life difficult. The little demons inside you make it impossible to get anything done. Those annoying little voices who tell you that you aren’t smart enough, or pretty enough, or tough enough or simply enough. It gets to a point where it’s too much and you just can’t take it anymore. This is the voice that you have given all your power for the longest time. This is the voice that you have to realize is not in control anymore. You are in control, and you need to understand that you are worth it.

It’s very difficult when you haven’t ever seen any good in your reflection and there is something new to find every day and hate. The days always seem longer and as the day gets slower the thoughts get meaner and more aggressive. I don’t remember a time where I have looked in the mirror and liked what I have seen. Almost every day when I look in the mirror, I have something negative to say about myself. But there are days where I look at myself and say, “Maybe I don’t look so bad today,” but then there is something that comes from out of nowhere and tries to suppress the good thoughts and make the negative thoughts the loudest until there is no more ignoring them.

Even though there are thoughts that can counteract and rationalize the nasty ones, they always seem to get pushed to the side and the bad ones shine through. These thoughts don’t help the image you see in the mirror because by this point there are so many evil comments thrown at you, you can’t help but see them physically manifest in the form of the person looking back at you.

However, some days are better than others, and that’s when you know you are making progress. There are days where you don’t even need to look in the mirror and you feel like you own the world. But those days don’t last too long and sometimes, they’re not even days at all. Sometimes they are fleeting moments when you think you can make it out of the dark void but then it just sucks you right back in. But there is hope. Take some time to think about the good traits that you have, because when you like yourself, your reflection will too.