Running. Some hear the word and their bodies ache. Others, like me, it bring up years of memories. Running in high school is one of my favorite memories. And although you push your body to its limits, and also your brain. Your brain has to push your body into continuing the race, and not giving up. But this sport isn't all about running, jumping, or throwing. It is a lifestyle.

But track isn't just about pushing your body to its limits or the competition. Many people wouldn't think you can learn much from running, but you can. From the moment you step into your starting block (for those who actually used them) to when you crossed the finish line, it is a experience. Each race. Each lap. You take something from it.

It is about the kids. Not only your teammates, but your opponents as well. Living in a small community, I was friends with many of my opponents. One of my best friends, Kaniah, and I ran the mile together and would often hold conversations while running. These are the things I wouldn't change for the world. This sport created a family of friends for a lifetime.

It is about your coaches. Not only did my coach teach me and encourage me to be a better runner, but he also encouraged me to stay away from that dumb high school boy. My coach highly influenced my life on the track and in the classroom. But the lessons he taught also pertained to life. That no matter how tired you were, just keep running. Keep trying.

The list goes on and on about how this small sport made a major impact on my life. But the memories of bus rides, McDonald's food fights, and hurdle attempts, are moments I will forever be thankful for. This sport taught me that you don't have to be the same as everyone else, because we all experience life at our own pace.

Dedicated to: Meredosia High School Track Team.