What To Expect When You're Expecting To Be An Aunt

When I became an aunt for the first time, I was a nervous wreck. I didn’t know how the whole baby thing really worked. At the age of 17 (when I really thought I knew it all), this was one thing I was clueless about.

Now that I am five years deep into the whole auntie thing, and I just became an aunt to another beautiful girl, I have some tips that I wanted to share with new aunties:

1. Being an aunt will make you grow up.

When you become a parent, there are major lifestyle changes that have to be made. However, people often don’t realize that when you are an aunt, that changes you as well. People will say that you’re “just an aunt”. However, being “just an aunt” is more than a title. It is a responsibility to be a person that you want them to become. You learn to accept that the time spent and the choices made will impact them more than you think it would when you are “just an aunt”.

2. Your sister will need a break!

After the newborn cuteness starts to fade, and she has spent the past six months waking up numerous times through the night, your sister will be exhausted. You should offer to take the baby once in awhile, even if it’s to come play with them while she gets some rest! Be there as much as you can to take the weight off of her shoulders. Especially if they have another older child, your extra set of hands will be a blessing!

3. Let tiny humans make a difference in your outlook on life.

Toddlers see the world so differently, and so bright. They don’t see the negative impacts, they don’t see race, gender, or classify people for any superficial reason. They see people, and they see beauty. Allow their view of the world to impact yours.

4. You’ve got a friend for life.

You get to see all of the phases. From the first step, writing their name, teasing them about having a boyfriend in kindergarten, the bad goth middle school stages, and their first date, you’ve got a life long friend. Even when they are young, they begin to build a special trust that goes beyond and is extra special.

5. Practice Parenting.

The most pleasing part about being an aunt, is the fact that at the end of the day, when all of the sugar is in and they are running around like loonatics, you get to give them back. Being an aunt is a taste at parenting, but it’s not the full on commitment. You get to return what you borrowed until you can handle the real deal.

Being an Aunt is one of the biggest blessings I could imagine. I just happened to be blessed more than once. From the scary first time holding the fragile body, frantically hand sanitizing, and fear of failure, to excitement and confidence in the art of aunthood, my life has been forever changed.

Becoming an Aunt holds more weight than you may realize, and at the end of the day, your life is made better because of it.

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