10 Reasons Why Being A Young Aunt Is Awesome
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10 Reasons Why Being A Young Aunt Is Awesome

I get to love you longer.

10 Reasons Why Being A Young Aunt Is Awesome

When I found out I was becoming an Aunt I was immediately filled with happiness. I couldn't wait for all the fun things my nephew and I were going to do. My sister and I started stalking up on baby clothes, diapers, and toys just to hold us off until Joseph arrived. When he was born I was only 16, still a junior in High School. Even though I was young, and still am young there are so many perks to being a young aunt and here are just few...

1. The Amount of Memories we make are Endless

I cannot tell you how many adventures we have been on or how many fun things we have done, and you're only two! You being brought into my life so early means that I have extra time to make even more fun and amazing memories with you!

2. I Get to Love you Longer

While most aunts are in their twenties and thirty's, I'm the lucky aunt that is still in her teens. I don't see that as a bad thing, I see that as a longer time span for me to love you. <3

3. When Mom Says No, Auntie Always Says Yes

I can't help that I want to spoil you every minute of everyday. And if mom says no you always know to come over to me and I will always say yes. I mean it's only just one cookie.

4. Babysitting is Always Super Fun

I mean c'mon even though you're only two we're partners in crime. Any time I get to babysit you it's always a blast, from going to the park, to running around in the snow, or watching Toy Story until we fall asleep.

5. You've Made our Family Closer

You being born caused this change in our family that I cannot thank you enough for. The overflow of love that you bring is infectious. I remember before you were here your mom and I used to fight all the time, now we could not be any more closer, and I thank you for that everyday.

6. You are Around for all of my Major Life changes

I know you won't remember(but trust me there are plenty of pictures) you have been here every step of the way leading up to college. From my High School graduation, to my move-in day to school you have been there through it all. Now I know they weren't exciting for you but for me to have you there was extra-special.

7. I Get to Show you Off

Yes, its true I absolutely love to show you off, I mean you're pretty darn cute. I can't help that I am just so proud to be your aunt and be apart of your life.

8. I Get to be the Cool Aunt

While Mom and Dad have to abide by the "Parent Handbook" you and I can break the rules. Whenever something isn't going your way you always know to come to auntie. It's an aunt's job to always be the favorite.

9. You're Like my Own Child

Don't get me wrong I'm far from ready to be able to take care of a child, but having you means that I get all the benefits of unconditional love from you, but as soon as you start acting up its back to Mom you go.

10. You're the Reason I Try

You made a change in my life the day you were born and from that point I promised myself to always work hard so I can make you proud. And I might also want to become rich so I can spoil you a lot more than I already do.

Overall, being an aunt weather you are young or old is a life changing experience. I never knew up until my nephew was born just how much I can love someone. The love you give to them and the love they give to you is something special and can only be described as pure happiness. It might not be a paying job, but it is the most important and rewarding job I have ever had. Love you Joseph Huntington Hayes xoxo.

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