What To Do When You Are Sick In College

Let’s talk about being sick. We’ve all been there and it is pretty much unavoidable in college. No matter where you go on campus you are always surrounded by people, so you’re bound to catch something. Even when I get sick now I still get lost with what to do since I am not home. Most of us would rather skip class and just sleep it off, but obviously that is not the answer. Whenever I get sick my first reaction is to call my mom in hopes that she will come up to school to save me but unfortunately that is never reality. She can send you all the soup she wants but when you are in college you are basically forced to fend for yourself. Here are some helpful tips for when you are sick to help you get through it with a positive attitude!

Step 1: Contrary to what I just said, CALL YOUR MOM!

Yes, she might not be able to be your saving grace because she might not be a short 20 minute drive away but that doesn’t mean she can't give you some advice on how to get through it. She can recommend when it is the right time to see a doctor, get some meds or just tell you you’re being overdramatic and everything will be okay with some sleep.

Step 2: Still go to class

This one can be hard for some people. This is because when we don’t have someone telling us to take medicine or making us soup 24/7 it can be difficult to have the motivation to go to class and get that education we all pay so much for. Believe it or not getting up and going to class might help you get better because you are not letting the sickness win. You’re getting up and getting fresh air. Taking a day or two off from class won’t kill you. But you don’t want to make it a habit.

Step 3: Google it!

It is now 2016 so us college kids will search the internet for almost anything and although it may not give us all the answers, if all else fails use it! Maybe not to diagnose what you have because you may start to freak yourself out thinking you have some crazy disease. But it will help in determining what kind of over the counter medicine you might want to get to ease your symptoms.

Step 4: See a doctor

If your illness persist for more than a week maybe it is time to go see a doctor. Personally this is my last resort in most cases. I’d rather not sit in an office for hours just to have someone to tell me something I could’ve figured out on WebMD. But seriously if you are not getting better see your school's doctor or go to the hospital. Even though classes are important to go to if you are dead you can’t attend anyway so it’s probably best to avoid that at all cost.

In college everyone knows being sick is no fun, especially without your parents around. But there are ways to cope with it. Make sure to get the right items that will help you get you better and also get sleep when it is needed even if it means missing some classes. Don;t hesitate to call your parents, even from far away they can be very helpful! Also just keep a positive attitude when sick! Most of the time you will get better and although it might suck at the time, it won’t suck forever. This will also be a great learning experience especially when you are done with school and out in the real world dealing with this alone. So stay positive, get better and move on!

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