What Your Spring Hangout Spot at Penn State Says About You
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What Your Spring Hangout Spot at Penn State Says About You

Warmer weather = a whole new PSU

What Your Spring Hangout Spot at Penn State Says About You

It's spring in Happy Valley, so that means RIP frackets and hello daylongs and that there is a new wave of summer “szn" vibes. To each his own, but we all have our own favorite springtime hangout spot — wonder what yours says about you?

On Old Main Lawn

You like to spend your time on Old Main for its historic “beauty." Or you just like to be the center of attention — tanning in the legitimate middle of campus for the entire 45,000-student population to watch. From hanging on the hammocks that seem to be safe or sipping your Irving's smoothie, you're spending your time watching un-athletic boys throw frisbies and attempting to get any color now that the weather is above 60 degrees. You are most likely having a picnic consisting of Fiddlehead or Irvings, wearing letters and low-key pretending you are on a real beach ... not in the middle of Centre County, PA. You are basic, but you claim this is “for the bucket list."

Laying out in East

You're a freshman (or basically still wish you were one) living in the oldest of dorms, surrounded by equally confused, lost and overwhelmed students. Whether you're playing Volleyball in the front, basketball in the back or eating your Roxy's takeout outside the Big O and watching all the boys play basketball, you appreciate East Halls for its best quality — people-watching, especially now that it can be done outside. You lay out in East because it's convenient, and the second you start to sweat, you can run into your cubicle of a dorm room, change and shower and continue on your creeping mission.

Outdoor Sports

Tennis, soccer, lacrosse or running around Beaver Stadium, the new warm weather is the perfect opportunity to get outside and get moving — burning off the winter pounds you put on from the Thursday specials of Pokeys or skipping the gym when the weather was in the negative degrees. From IM fields to any side road on campus, once it's springtime, the inner athlete in everyone comes alive. If this is you, you're most likely optimistic that the change in weather and double in temperature has transformed you into a division one athlete — or that you are now miraculously athletic and into sports. Or, if you're like me, no matter how hard you try, this may just never work out in your favor. But you'll still enjoy watching all the athletic boys that transformed from their Patagonia and Timbs winter wardrobe to tank tops and Chubbies. "Sports."

The Arboretum

Fountains, gardens and watching sororities film their recruitment videos — this is your spot to admire nature, a small getaway on the east side of campus. If this is your hangout spot, you're doing one of three things: (1) filming your sorority's recruitment video, (2) a Bi Sci homework where you need to find plants and analyze them or (3) laying out and tanning because you don't want anyone to see you as you get some color. This is the place you go in order to escape everyone else, to watch couples stroll on cheap dates or for good lighting as you put together recruitment. You're either really into nature, in a sorority or in hiding from the rest of the busy campus.

Frat Pit

With Daylong “szn" in full swing, the outdoor frat pits are probably your go-to hangout spot on any and every weekend. Nothing like spending the day outside, dancing and getting tanned at once — what could be better? If this is your spring hang out spot, you're the rest of the population at State that likes to daylong: a typical college student. You may be giving up doing that homework assignment so you can dress up in throwback jerseys and look like you are from the 90s, but hey — 'tis the season.


OK. If this is your favorite spring hangout spot, stop reading this article and go outside. Happy Valley has completely transformed from State College Tundra to University of Hawaii within a matter of a few weeks. Seriously, go study outside. Do something and go enjoy the weather. Or get that 4.0 GPA and stay in the library doing what you do.

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