What I Love About Coming Home

I hardly ever come home, with living four hours away and practice its hard to make the trip worthwhile to come down for just a day. But I love when we have breaks and I can come home, even just for four days. This time it's been 55 days since coming home, which isn't that bad, but it's the longest for me that I can recall. I need to get used to it though, because as I get into the "real world" I think I will be coming home less and less. Here are a few reasons why I love coming home.

Getting to see my family and friends is by far what I love the most. I do see my family most of the time in between, but I don't get to see my grandparents or my best friends. So that is the real reason I love getting to come home. Quality time with my favorite people, that I don't get to see everyday anymore.

Getting to eat at my favorite places. Okay, so does your family have traditions? Because mine does, from eating almost every Friday night at Millhouse to having breakfast at the local donut shop or bakery. This is basically the second highlight of my trip. I mean, I never get to spend Saturday mornings with my family eating breakfast anymore and I never really get to eat that food. I'm a food person too, so obviously food ranks high on my list.

Coming back home for things like the fair or an event tradition. I love the fair and this is the first time since I have been at school that my break has fallen on the same week as the fair in my home town and I could not have been more excited. Or keeping score at an athletic event with my dad that I have done since I was in the 7th grade. It's the fun things like this that take me back to when I was growing up and forget about all the stress I have in college.

Before I know it I won't be coming back to sleep in my old room, I'll have my own apartment or house and maybe live in a different city with a real job and being a "big girl". But until then, I'm gonna make the most of the time when I come home, home cooked meals, my mom doing my laundry and the traditions that will probably fade when my sisters graduates and I am on my own. This is what I love about home.

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