First things first, you sync up with the other females really fast. Just let that sink it. You are all super moody at the same time. What could possibly go wrong?

Ok girls let us face the facts, we love drama. As much as you want to say you don't you know it's in our nature. We sometimes tend to create problems out of nothing. Maybe someone accidentally gave you a dirty look and you automatically took it as a sign they hate you. Or maybe someone snapped at you because they were frustrated so you flipped out.

Let me just say, men can also cause a lot of drama too but different types of drama.

While the drama can be overwhelming, working with all girls can also be a lot of fun. All girls like to talk. We can literally talk to other girls we've never met and find at least three things in common in one conversation. We're talkers so that definitely makes work go by faster.

We are more caring by nature. So if one of my coworkers is having a really bad day and I can tell, I will personally got out of my way to help them if they need it. If they don't, I will at least let them know I'm here if they need it. Girls just notice feelings more than men most times. Guys can be a little oblivious to others feelings sometimes but most girls are really on top of things like that.

Working with all girls can be both good and bad but most days I like it a lot. It can be very dramatic sometimes but other days it can be a really great environment.