What is the immune system and what does it do?
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What is the immune system and what does it do?

As your body's primary protection against viruses, diseases, and infections, the immune system is vital. The pressures of life in the present day cause a great deal of stress, and it can become difficult for people to eat healthily and exercise regularly. This has a knock-on effect on immunity. But what is the immune system precisely? Why do you need to understand it and work to enhance it?

What is the immune system and what does it do?

What is the immune system?

Fundamentally, your immune system comprises an extensive cell network that defends your body against the threats of viruses, toxins, and bacteria. Undoubtedly, your body's overall health relies intrinsically on the health of your immune system.

It's helpful to think about the immune system as playing a crucial role as your body's gatekeepers. Ultimately, it's up to your immunity what is and what isn't permitted inside. But if the gatekeepers become complacent, harmful viruses and infections can creep into your body. Thankfully, your immune system has a great memory, and it stops viruses and dangerous toxins from entering your body in the first place and then recognises them if they try and come back. Your immune system is also trained to recognise and do something about dangerous changes in your body and springs into action to defeat cancerous cells. Overall, your body's health depends on the functionality of your immune system.

How do I preserve my immune system?

As is the case with your other body parts, the immune system needs your help if it is to function to its full potential. If you're extremely stressed by your job, eating badly, and foregoing daily exercise, your immune system will undoubtedly suffer as a result. Our job is to keep the gatekeepers healthy, primed, and focused, so they can defend your body from dangerous attacks. So, how can you successfully maintain your immune system?

Keep calm

Long periods of stress affect your immunity, which increases your chances of becoming infected by a virus or disease. It's common, for example, for people to struggle with cold and flu symptoms during their exams or at times when their workload is high. Practising mindfulness and performing meditations are excellent ways to reduce stress, which in turn maintains your immune system.

Exercise well

Exercise boosts your immune system. Just half an hour of daily exercise is sufficient to keep your immune cells healthy. If you spend too long without moving, it prevents your immune cells from doing their job and leaves you more likely to fall sick as a result. Worryingly, a lack of exercise can also cause your immune system to become active when it's not needed. This inflammation is linked to fatal conditions like obesity, cancer, and heart disease. Increasing your heart rate by any means is classed as exercise.

Eat well

Following a healthy and nutritious diet is so important, as around 70% of your immune system is situated in your gut. To ensure your gut microbiome can function properly, you need to take in sufficient fibre, which you can get from vegetables, fruit, nuts, whole grains, and seeds. Omega-3s are important fats that are found in products like oily fish, and these too can help preserve your immune system.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is so crucial. Providing you commit to regular exercise and identify ways to alleviate stress, you have a good chance of maintaining a healthy immune system. But you can take further steps to help boost your body's immunity.

How to strengthen the immune system

When considered alongside other health supplements available today, Sons' Wellmune Supplement is notably different. The market is saturated with mineral and vitamin supplements that aren't clinically proven to improve your immune system.

The critical component of Immunity Plus is Beta Glucan. This ingredient is clinically proven to boost your immune system. Our immunity supplement brings together vital antioxidants, multivitamins, hydration electrolytes, and minerals to provide a crucial boost to your immunity and guarantee that your system is well-nourished and healthy.

There's no doubt that exercising regularly and following a balanced diet can be tough when you're so busy working, but you can't understate how important it is to care for your immunity. Take a look at our immune system supplement today to guarantee that you're providing your body with the best possible chance to boost your immunity.

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