what is erotic audio?
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what is erotic audio?

what is erotic audio?

what is erotic audio?

Since I began my Audio Porn Project I've been aching to put more sexually explicit stories on the website. The number of amazing authors who are erotic with amazing tales to tell - fiction and non-fiction that it's starting to appear weird that the Audio Porn portion of my website is mostly comprised of my own writing. Let's make it right. This week you'll be seeing a lot of fresh audio erotica being uploaded to the section from authors who I enjoy and believe translate wonderfully into audio of erotica.

New erotic audio

From this point until January, you'll find a new piece of erotica audio that will be available on the audio porn hub. Some of them are real sex stories while others are pieces of erotic fic. I've tried to provide the best of both worlds in this collection that encompass a wide range of tones and kinks as well as preferences.

I'm saying I'll upload almost every day' since I could take the odd day off to celebrate Christmas or the New Year and even sex bloggers have to take a break occasionally. The most important thing to be aware of is that when you keep your eyes at the hub's audio porn in the coming few months, there will have plenty of fresh material for you to dive in. Grab your headphones or blast it on your stereo , if in a location where it would not be appropriate, and then settle down to listen to some sexy stories read out loud.

The first song is available now The first piece is live now I'd like my words to inspire you to want to want Tabitha Rayne - which I began with because it embodies the essence of what an erotic track is intended to accomplish!

I had an amazing day yesterday at the incredible Jukebox Studios in London along with some of the amazing writers and readers helping to make this project happen Also, I've been provided with audio and stories by other people who were unable to make it to the studio, but were thrilled to use their words. Thanks to these wonderful people whom you'll hear over the coming weeks

Each story will have hyperlinks to the author's website, and I suggest you look at their other amazing work as well. I'm hoping it will be a great opportunity for you to meet and follow new authors, and also a way for me to expand the amount of sexually explicit audio stories that are available on the area of the website.

The story of Audio Erotica up to now

In the year 2017, on the off the suggestion to improve the accessibility of my blog I started recording my the erotic writing of my blog as audio porn. It seemed like a good method to make my blog more enjoyable for users of screenreaders. This extremely useful technology is unfortunately not very good in translating the beauty of a text into a pleasing format. If you don't have a particular connection to it, the sexuality of sexually explicit stories can be hindered by hearing it read aloud using the voice of a robot.

Then I started recording audio porn and then I created an account on Patreon to support the effort. Thanks to the generous and supportive of my wonderful Patreons I've been able to record many sexually explicit stories for the website and hosting several fantastic guest blog posts, too. You can join us via Patreon If you'd like to get early access to the latest recordings and other sexy goodies!

Since since then the page for audio porn is now the most visited part of my website . Contact me for more information on how you can support some of the material, I'll soon be wearing my sales cap and hawking my goods during the year ahead[. Due to its popularity, I am constantly being included on lists of "top places to search for audio erotica'. That is extremely flattering, but a small amount of nerve-wracking. It's only me. My stories aren't the only ones in the world, and my voice isn't the only one. I'd love to share more. Unfortunately, I'm not in a position to have unlimited funds, but I always wish to pay creators, therefore this erotic audio expansion will be in a limited scale for the time being. However, if it is successful, I may be able compensate you in exchange for your voice or words in the future in the future and you should read further if you think it might be the right thing for you.

I would like to record audio from erotica! How do I sign up?


If you're an erotic author and are interested in transforming some of your writing into audio erotica I'd be interested in talking with you about this! Send me an email at hellogirlonthenet at gmail with the subject "Audio erotica and send me some websites you'd like to record and tell me if you're able for a trip into London in order to capture OR about where you're located (i.e. the nearest major city) If you're unable go to London for recording, and I'll include you on an email group of individuals to reach out to in the event that I decide to proceed more. Be patient with me that I may not be able respond until after New Year's Day.


There have been many people who willing to volunteer their time or skills in recording an erotic music for me. I am truly grateful for your donation, and I'm hoping that by the end of the year I'll be able to find the time or money to further expand the scope of this project and get more voices to join. I'd like to ask you not to contact me regarding the project immediately, but do keep in mind this blog (or sign up using the subscribe button on the right) in order to receive the latest blog posts directly to your inbox. These will include shoutouts for new voices should I decide to write them later on.

Erotic music: listen, share and support!

Thank you so much to everyone who has helped make it possible for me to create this Thanks to Patrons on Patreon who have helped me in the process and the amazing voice and guest writers who are working to create exciting stories, and each individual reader who has been listening and sharing their love of the work.

I hope that you will are enjoying the new Erotic Audio Stories for Women as many as I do, and that they will brighten your Christmas season with intriguing and sexy. If you'd want to contribute to the project but don't have the funds to make it happen All I would like is for you to think about sharing the posts or stories you like the most with friends you know would enjoy the same. Of course, don't send people porn without their permission However, if you're on this website, chances are you've heard of at least twelve or two sexy perverts who would love to know that there's audio stories of sex to enjoy.

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