The Difference Between A 'Doer' And A 'What If' Person

The Difference Between A 'Doer' And A 'What If' Person

Being a “do” person means taking the leap, even if you're not ready.


We make decisions every single day of our lives. These decisions can be simple, mundane and necessary. Then there are other decisions that can impact our lives on a greater, deeper level. We spend a lot of time deciding what we should do, who it involves and what the end result will be. Everyone has had these moments and sometimes, it results in not doing what we really want out of fear. Inevitably, this leads to the well-known question, “What if…?”

I am not a “what if” person. It’s a given that life doesn’t go as planned most of the time. I do second-guess myself, like everyone else, but when I commit myself to a decision, I stick by it. I do not look back on it and ask myself, “What if I had made this decision instead? What if things had turned out differently?” I only look forward and tackle the next challenge with the same mindset.

Granted, I do have minor regrets but it isn’t anything that distracts me enough to constantly dwell on the past. Instead, I focus on the future. I am a “do” person. It doesn’t always come easy. There have been moments where I’ve had to be pushed to simply do what needs to be done and this can take time. But once I’ve made my decision, everything else seems to naturally fall into place.

Being a “do” person instead of a “what if” individual means taking the leap, even if you don’t want to. It may not seem like the right time or the perfect situation. But it’s better to take a chance and see what it ends up being, instead of holding yourself back and later asking that dreaded question that there is no real answer to.

A person who is used to overthinking decisions and doesn’t go through with what they truly want in the end can ultimately become a “doer.” Their mindset can change when they start to understand that although decisions are important, they don’t cause the end of the world. Life can always be rebuilt even after a “bad” decision. Lessons are learned and new paths are discovered.

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