What I Learned From My Best Friends

What I Learned From My Best Friends

Best friends are a gift that I have been blessed with.


I will try my best to not make this cheesy and basic, but no promises.

My best friends are my support system. They are the people I call when I am in immediate crisis- whether it is a fashion emergency or to tell them another crazy story that occurred approximately 3 seconds prior. They are the people I trust with my life and would never let me down. This is for you, gals.

A.S.- From you, I learned how to be strong. You are by far the strongest person I know and you truly inspire me. Even when you go through things that most people wouldn't understand, you always have a smile on your face and live your life with positivity. You are the sunshine friend of the group- the friend who pushes out every negative thought I have and replace it with ones that encourage me and motivate me to change my outlook on life. I have known you since we were 4 and our bond has been unbreakable ever since.

K.V.- From you, I learned how to be logical and reasonable. For those of you who know me personally, I can be pretty irrational at times when I speak before I think. It's an awful habit that only you have been able to help me fix. I learned that handling tough situations that life brings me is best done with a calm and level-headed mind. I'm convinced you can actually read my mind sometimes because you always know exactly what I'm thinking and how I want to go about approaching it. But luckily, you stop me in time before I do something I'd regret and help me get through it the right way.

N.M.- From you, I learned where to get the best advice from. No matter what situation I find myself in, I trust your judgment the best. You always make the right call for me and know what to say when you comfort me. Whether I'm indecisive about which shoes to wear with what outfit or what I should be doing with my life, you always guide me in the right direction. You support me in everything I do and look out for me like my own sister would. You taught me how to care for my friends in the best way possible.

V.C.- From you, I learned patience. Another strong virtue I very much lacked in all throughout high school. You taught me that the best things come to me when I least expect it. Even if that takes a day or a year, the wait is worth it. Good things do eventually come to you. I have become a mature individual thanks to your influence. I have grown from being a nosy and impatient listener to a more calm and accommodating friend who wants the best for all her friends.

Thank you for being the best friends a girl could ask for.

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