16 Signs You Are True Best Friend Goals
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16 Signs You Are True Best Friend Goals

Best friends are the reasons life is memorable. Here's how to know you and your BFF are true best friend goals.

16 Signs You Are True Best Friend Goals

There comes a time when you get a slight inclination that you are no longer just friends with your BFF, but more like in a relationship with them. Here are some tell-tale signs that you and your BFF are True Friendship Goals.

1. No matter how much you irritate each other, there is no getting rid of the other.

"Some relationships are like Tom and Jerry, they tease each other, knock down each other, irritate each other, but can't live without each other."

2. You can't go anywhere without the other.

Whether it's to the mall or even just the bathroom, you cannot go more than a few days or even a few minutes without separation anxiety. It's like you're handcuffed together

3. You always ask for opinions on new purchases.

Finding yourself taking a mirror picture in the dressing room, then sending 10 pictures with the comment "which one do you like best??? SOS!"

4. You never have your own clothes in your closet.

It's like double the clothes for half the price. It's a constant shuffle of clothes and outfits from one closet to the other. As they say: “what's yours is mine"

5. You act like a married couple.

Sorry boyfriend, the biff might push you out. If it's a good day, you might get your hair played with as you watch Nicholas Spark's movies, but on a bad day, it can be like the Tasmanian Devil has arrived.

6. You might not always talk to each other, but things never change.

Distance can put a damper on a friendship, but no matter the time apart, things are better than ever.

7. There's a good chance the two of you have at least one matching outfit.

It's a good thing, when you lose the other at a party you can just say, “she looks JUST LIKE ME," #twinningzz.

8. No matter what stupid thing you do, she will always be there to help ya out.

Whether she's in jail with you or helping bail you out, she's the one who has your back through all the bad parts of life.

9. You have your life planned out together.

From where you'll be in ten years or where you will be in thirty, she is always a part of the equation. You have your spring breaks, weddings, and future living arrangements all planned out, and let's not forget how many pets you will have together.

10. If anyone crosses you, she's got your back.

The mean group who always likes to snitch, they've got nothing on you and your BFF.

11. You are perfectly content with a tub of cookie dough ice cream, a bottle of wine and Netflix.

Sometimes a girls' night in is perfectly fine. How many seasons can we watch in a night?

12. The two of you have big goals together.

Traveling the world, graduating together, being successful together, working together, building a life together and everything in between, you have it all planned out.

13. You know each other better than you know your way around the mall.

You know when your biff is mad, sad, on the moon, has been talking to a new guy, has had one too many or just doesn't know what is going on with her life. You know her every facial expression and what it means.

14. You pretend to be girlfriends when the weird guy hits on you at the bar.

That's true friendship right there.

15. She will always pick you up when you're down.

"Always and Forever" — The Originals Style.

16. You are basically sisters but just not by blood.

“Best friends because God couldn't handle us as sisters"

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