Born and raised in New Jersey, there was one thing I could depend on every year... seasons. I know, I know, a very odd thing to think about. Going to school at the University of Miami seasons is something I have yet to see...and it's February. There are a lot of things that are different between February in New Jersey and February in are some of them.

1. Starbucks order

My Starbucks order is pretty much the same all year round here. Passion tea lemonade does not seem unreasonable because it's extremely hot out. At home, I had my three drinks, one for spring/summer, one for fall, and one for winter. #RIP to my hot drinks though.

2. Shoes

Today, I am wearing flipflops. Tomorrow I will wear flipflops. Next week, I will be wearing flipflops. Three months ago, I was wearing flipflops. #FreeTheFeet.

3. Clothing

Spot me in my running shorts and frat tank top all day every day because #WhyNot. I don't have to bundle up in leggings with thick socks and the warmest sweater I can find with a huge marshmallow coat.

4. Activity

Yesterday, I sat at the pool, watched the divers, and people play soccer. It's a good life. People are outside a lot more when it's always warm out which to me means that everyone is happier.