What Happened The Day Of The Inauguration
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What Happened The Day Of The Inauguration

Peace, Love, and Respect. Remember that.

What Happened The Day Of The Inauguration

Inauguration Day. January 20th, 2017.

This year's Inauguration Day has definitely been something. Ultimately this day is about the United states celebrating their party winning and the other side of the party accepting the fact their candidate lost with dignity. At the end of the day, it's about respecting your new president and moving forward as a nation to come together as one. At least that's how its suppose to go. This year did not go as planned. Let's take a moment and look at what happened during this year's Inauguration Day.

1.Trump Was Inaugurated Into Office

You would have to be living under a rock to not have heard that Trump was sworn into office on January 20th. President Donald J. Trump was sworn into office in front of the steps of the U.S Capitol in Washington, DC. Shortly after a parade began to take place down Pennsylvania Avenue. Trump was greeted by hundreds of thousands of Americans who wanted to witness this sacred event that only happens every 4-8 years.

2. The Protests Have Started

It was only a matter of time before the protesters had to break out. While some of the protests that took place were peaceful others weren't as much. Around the National Mall violent protests started leading to an end result with over 90 people being arrested. Not exactly how the Inauguration was intended to go. The violent acts that took place involved the protestors damaging storefronts like Starbucks and DC banks. The protestors proceeded to throw bricks and rocks at fellow police officers trying to control the riots that were breaking out. If that wasn't enough violent acts for you. They then proceeded to destroy a limousine by setting it on fire and breaking the windows.

Now, don't get me wrong, there were peaceful protesters too. They marched as a whole and simply wanted to stand up for their rights. Thousands marched in unison not harming a single person or damaging a single store front. Unfortunately many did still commit dangerous crimes.

3. We Said Goodbye To Our 44th President, Barack Obama

As a nation, it was time to say goodbye to our 44th president. Rather Barack Obama did good in your eyes or did bad is beside the point. He was able to keep the country afloat for 8 years. That's enough to simply give the man respect and wish him the best in whatever he does next.

4. America Takes The Time To Reflect On What Has Just Occurred

Trump was either a blessing or a death wish when he was sworn into office. America was either cheering with joy or sobbing in despair. Regardless of what half of you were a part of, everyone took the time to reflect. While some chose more destructive ways to reflect others, celebrated peacefully or mourned peacefully.

I'm not going to state which end of the stick I am on, because it's simply not important. What is important is to realize we all had a vote in this election and the outcome is what a majority of America wanted. Regardless of your vote, you need to put your differences behind and become one as a nation. You may not like the current president, but you should still respect him because he did win. Also, please for the love of God...stop with the rioting. That isn't helping anything.

Peace, Love, and Respect. Remember that.

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