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    I always wanted to be apart of something. I always believed that there was such power in words. This is when I realized how important freedom of speech and writing as a whole are. I am going to be going to college next year for journalism. I absolutely love writing and expressing my opinion, but also seeing what others have to say, like I said. Freedom of speech is very important. I notice people tend to hate on things rather easy. It is easier to hate something, then get to know what it is, or who it is, or what it does. I want to knock down the borders of hating something or someone, before you actually take the time to understand it or them. You never know, it might open up your mind to bigger and better things and you can grow as a human. Earlier I mentioned that freedom of speech and writing as a whole was very important, which is true. However I always thought the main thing you want in writing is to get people talking. Spark a debate, make someone feel good, give someone in site, writing is powerful and it should be used to get people to start talking and thinking, instead of just listening.

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