Growing up, it's something everyone has to do. And let's face it, it's pretty freaking scary. You have to learn how to pay bills, change a car tire, grocery shop by yourself, etc. This past summer I have realized what being an "adult" feels like. So what better way to describe it than to relate it to Grey's Anatomy. Welcome to adulthood, everyone.

1. Cleaning up after yourself.

For years, we were blessed with our parents willingly cleaning up after us. Whether it was picking up all those water bottles in our bedroom or the towel on the bathroom floor, they still did without (much) complaining.

2. Learning to (most likely) balance a checkbook.

If you are this responsible (and organized) you know how to balance your own checkbook. That way when you go to Denny's at 3am with your friends, you know you actually have money. But real talk. Did they even teach us how to do this in high school?

3. Your parents "cut you off."

You now have to pay for EVERYTHING. Literally everything. Including that $101 license plate sticker which you unfortunately need to drive your car, which you also have to pay for.

4. Everyone else your age is getting married, or having baby's.

I swear 85 percent of the people from my high school are either getting married, having kids, or both. While I am drowning in homework, they are drowning in dirty diapers.

5. You don't know how to shop.

You never know what to do. Especially when it comes to shopping or deciding on a meal plan. Sometimes you just wish you were five years old again, with your juice box, and watching Blues Clues.

6. Caffeine is the new way of living.

You now understand why your parents used to brew coffee every morning. If I don't have a cup of coffee (or nap) each day, I crash. One of the best investments a person can probably make is buying a Keurig. It is a life changer.

7. Dating.

Now dating is way more serious than it was in high school. If you want to get married, it is just around the corner. Those late night "booty calls" are now a thing of the past.

8. You can now drink alcohol (legally).

Let's be honest. Many of us have had a drink here or there, but finally turning 21 felt thrilling. Now time to turn up, but not to much.

9. Finding your lifelong best friend.

Most likely the friends you made in high school won't last forever. The ones you meet in college will become your forever friends. They see you at your worst and your best, and still continue to love you.

10. Our bodies change.

Unfortunately we have hit the "peak" of our bodies best. Now comes the deterioration. I for one can say that I cannot walk ten feet without an ankle, knee, or hip making a loud pop.

11. Getting a job.

How does one create a resume, again? Mowing lawns and babysitting no longer cut it. You have to get a real job with an actual salary. Or else you'll be living in your parents basement forever. Or maybe a refrigerator box.

Although growing up is one of the toughest things people have to do at my age, it is worth it. You get to experience the joys of living on your own, being responsible, and being what they call an "adult". The freedom so many of us have longed for is finally here, and it is worth the crazy expereince.