What does the word "woman" mean to you? Does it mean strong or does it mean small minded? Does it mean wise or does it mean weak? Or maybe, when using a specific woman, it just means that person is someone who you, a male, could take care of and love for eternity.

See, most women walk around thinking that they were made to take care of others, to love on people, to be the 'motherly instinct' kind of person. Which, you are, technically. But, it is not the sole purpose of your life. What about the women who don't have that desire in them? The ones that struggle with that loving, mothering like, attitude... are they not normal?

Because I am a firm follower of Christ, I will always listen to my husband and submit to him in a way that is respectful and not belittling of my life. But, I will also marry a man who does the same to me in return. To me, this is where we, as women, are straying too far away.

Ya see, women are making themselves smaller just to please a male. Society does this more times than not, if we are being honest. It has sort of brainwashed each sex into thinking they are made to be a mother or made to be a controlling husband/fatherly role. That is so not the case. You are told as a woman to have a lower income job when in relation to the man, you are told that your pay may not be the same and to just deal with it, you feel "not normal" when you hear the news that your womb will never bare a child. Newsflash! No person should ever help you determine the amount of money you bring in besides you, and no person should ever tell you what you're "suppose" to being doing as a woman. These are things society has deemed not the regular. These are simple facts that should be decided by you, the person.

You do not have to marry a man who is controlling, rude, selfish or belittling. The world has shown you that there is only one kind of man out there, the kind with those qualities. STOP settling! There is someone out there who won't look down on you because of your sex. Don't fall into the lies that are set before you, honey. Look at yourself in the mirror and really think, "I am made for more than this." Because oh sweetheart, you are.

Be fearless. Be brave. Be awesome. Be YOU.

In the wise words of an awesome character, "You is kind. You is smart. You is important."

THOSE are the words I would use to describe a woman.