In a previous article I wrote, I shared that I am non-materialistic. It's a big part of who I am. I cringe when spending money or think about expensive items. A lot of girls feel this way. I know I'm not the only one. We tend to think about the bigger picture of our choices and if it is really worth something. Sometimes, yes, but most the time no. What we really want is not always shared with others. So, here are the things, we non-materialistic girls truly want.

Your time and affection. We put our hearts and souls out there to make friendships. We want the same in return. Talk to us. Get to know us. We want to know you and be a person you can come to for anything. It's that kind of friendship that you can't trade in for anything. I truly appreciate those. If you don't put in the same time and effort then you'll be losing quality time with someone who is willing to put out their all for you.

Experiences. We would rather spend money to do things like dance, cooking, or art classes. Would want to spend money on concerts and festivals or to travel. These things we can't touch with our hands, but we can feel them in our hearts. It's about getting a taste of what the world has to offer us. The experiences we get teach us a lot about the world we live in and how that world can affect us.

Food. This one is simple. Food is a way to a girls heart, Literally. But, now we can use food as a way to get to know someone. What they like and dislike, any allergies, or their culture. If I make Greek food, one can infer that I might be Greek (which I am). We can understand what makes a person happy by what they order and it can also be a simple thing to make us happy. No need to buy us fancy clothes, just food. We can bond over the act of just eating our favorite meal.

Happiness. This is an easy one. We long to find a greater meaning to the life we live. In a world where people want fancy clothes and homes and where money is the most important aspect, we can think of. The little things in life can bring us joy. Happiness can mean anything if we just open us to the simpleness of the life we live. No need to search for anything that is out of reach.

These three things can bring us closer to life we want to have and mean more to us than buying a Kate Spade purse or spending hundreds of dollars for clothes or technology on us. Our hearts are longing for something our hands can't touch. The idea of a simple world without ties to an overreaching materialistic life. Your time, love, affection, and understanding is what gives us the thrill of living in this modern fast-paced world.