In light of the recent shooting in Texas, we need to deal with the cause of the issue. Both sides of the gun-control debate want to place blame, but no matter who the blame falls on, the tragedy still occurred, and people were brutally murdered.

Here's the thing, guns are not the issue. Sin is the issue. People are terrible to each other because of sin.There is death, and pain, and chaos in this world because of sin. We, as a people, need to understand that laws do not regulate people's hearts. Everyone, every human being, has a sin nature that is the root of all the evil we see. And law, on either side, do not change that nature. Basic example: there are laws in place to regulate speeding on roads. However, speeding does not stop because the laws are there. Most people still speed, and the only time the law is enforced is when there is an enforcer present, like a police officer. It is illegal to break into someone's house, but people still have their houses broken into. Laws do not change the heart, and sin doesn't stop because a law is brought into being; look at the Old Testament and Ten Commandments for an example. If people are willing to disobey the God who created the universe, why do we think laws that other humans make will have a different effect?

So what does this mean going forward? We've seen throughout history that guns are not the problem, people are the problem. Hitler used acid baths and fire, Al-Qaeda used box cutters, Cain used a rock, and the terrorist that plowed through people in New York used a truck. The only common denominator in each of those stories is a human who was hell-bent on causing destruction. There are obviously people who don't care about laws, and we cannot leave our citizens unprotected against people who have no regard for the laws in the first place.

And to my Christian brothers and sisters, persecution should not be feared. "And do not fear those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. Rather fear Him who can destroy both soul and body in hell." Matthew 10:28. Jesus himself is speaking these words, so find comfort in that. As children of God, we were never called to safety. We were called to have faith in Him, so that's what we need to do. Trust that God is sovereign in every situation, and also find encouragement that where the church is persecuted is where we see the most growth. Christian, do not fear this world; fear God.

I mentioned earlier that laws do not change hearts. But Christ does. We can't out maneuver sin with laws, but Christ conquered sin on the cross. We are all sinners who are in need of savior, and the only one that can save us is the one we are guilty to. Christ came to redeem us, and save us from our worst enemies, ourselves, so if there is any silver lining in this terrible situation it is that God is ultimately in control and that Christ is available.

My prayer for this piece is to encourage believers and show Christ to non-believers. Any believers reading this, continue to pray for Texas, Vegas, and New York. Y'all be good.