I Watched 'Too Hot To Handle' And Here's What You Need To Know Before You Watch
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I Watched 'Too Hot To Handle' And Here's What You Need To Know Before You Watch

This show will turn you into a naughty lil' possum.

I Watched 'Too Hot To Handle' And Here's What You Need To Know Before You Watch

Netflix has been coming out with a lot of new reality shows this year from "The Circle" to "Love is Blind," and now "Too Hot To Handle." This show is quite insane. A bunch of hot men and women put on an island and told that they can't have sex or even kiss while basically wearing nothing but swimsuits for a month.

"Too Hot to Handle" holds a lot of similarities to the other two shows featuring new people coming together in a secluded location and forming friendships and relationships in a short amount of time.

What was the concept of this show?

"Too Hot to Handle" brought together several men and women who were single and had trouble with relationships and were basically serial dating app swipers.

Instead of just putting all of these people on an island and letting them hookup and be half-naked, they were forbidden to have sex or any sort of sexual touching, even kissing. The contestants were of course given an incentive to abide by these rules with a prize of $100,000.

If anyone was caught kissing or was intimate in any form they were docked money off of the final prize.

While this definitely happened MULTIPLE times on the show, there was still an overall "lesson" that was taught to all of them. The show had a relationship guide who worked with the members to work on their personal relationships and how they interact with others to make them better people who can come closer to finding love and not just hop around dating apps until they die.

While a lot of them did learn and grow, several did not which led to consequences.

Overall thoughts on the show:

It was a solid concept and it had the potential to be a kickass show, but it lacked depth and length. There were only eight episodes and it was very clear that that was not enough to make you fall in love with the show and the contestants.

You don't get to hear much of a background on the contestants which makes it difficult to form an initial opinion on them beyond their behavior on the show.

I think for season two, Netflix really needs to step it up and add some more effort into making it a more engaging show for viewers. It lacked a lot of things that we got in "The Circle" and "Love Is Blind" that we need to see more of. Hopefully season two ticks these boxes.

For this weekend bingewatch, I give "Too Hot To Handle" a 7 out of 10.

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