GASP! That is right I said it! Why is everyone is hung up on smoking weed? It is a drug... Yes, but it is not a drug like meth or acid. It does not make you super talkative and make you want to do manic things.

Weed is just weed. Research it.

1. It releases stress.

If you suffer from anxiety or bipolar disorder this shit calms you down so much.

2. Doctors are finding that weed helps with a lot of diseases like Crohns.

Weed actually reduces inflammation that occurs when someone has Crohns and reduces pain.

3. It is a relaxer. If you cannot sleep, smoke a joint.

Even people that suffer from insomnia can fall to sleep after smoking weed. The drier and older the weed the better.

4. If you have an addictive mind smoking weed is healthier than smoking cigarettes.

Weed does not have nicotine in it like cigs do.

5. If it is the time of the month it helps with painful cramps. A girls true best friend.

Researchers can not truly say it is a good thing to smoke while on your period, but enough research has been done to find out it does help soothe cramps.

6. Our country would make a ton of money

This doesn’t even need an explanation.

7. It fights cancer cells.

Weed slows the growth of cancer cells or.completely kills them. It also helps with the nausea and vomiting from chemo.

8. It improves your sex life.

It helps with having an orgasm and also makes them more intense.

9. No matter what someone is still going to smoke it.

Someone in this country will also smoke weed legal or not