What Guys Have Planned For Their Future Wedding

You Don’t Know What Love Is Until You’ve Read What These 21 Guys Have Planned For Their Wedding

What is do you have planned for your wedding?


It's a known fact that every girl dreams of her future wedding. We pin flower ideas and dress desires on Pinterest while going through every romantic song on Spotify in hopes to find the one for our first dance.

But what about guys? Do they plan every aspect of their wedding? Or are they just going to give their wives the full rein when it comes to choosing colors and food? I asked 21 guys if they have anything planned for their future wedding and you will be surprised by the results. Read all the cuteness below:

1. “Get married at my grandparents’ house and have Krispy Kreme donuts instead of cake.” – Age 24

2. “I’m a DJ so I get to see a lot of weddings. I’d like to be involved in the process and know a lot of great people in the business to hire!” – Age 21

3. “I know what I don’t want. I would rather just plan the honeymoon.” – Age 21

4. “What.” – Age 16

5. “I want to sing at the wedding and plan the honeymoon.” – Age 26

6. “Two words: Open Bar. That’s it.” – Age 20

7. “I used to plan weddings so I’ve been planning it for a while! I would like to do most of it myself besides catering and such.” – Age 21

8. “I want a time of worship at the beginning of the ceremony after my wife gets to the altar. And I want to plan the honeymoon.” – Age 33

9. “I don’t really have anything planned out specifically. I have thought about who would be there and stuff though.” – Age 20

10. “I want to plan the honeymoon spot, and have an acoustic version of whatever song my wife walks down the aisle to. I have some ideas on color schemes and centerpieces and know what I want to wear.” – Age 25

11. “Weddings are expensive, let’s go to Vegas.” – Age 19

12. “When it comes to visualizing my wedding, I hope to have all of the people I care about be there because I want it to be less of a celebration of my bride and I but more about what God has done in our lives. I want to celebrate the people that shaped us, not just them celebrate us. I expect to weep uncontrollably when I see my bride walk down the aisle and the ceremony be more of a worship event than anything. I hope to give a toast at my reception of all the mentors in my life to thank them for allowing God to have used them to form me into the man I will be. I also expect real, authentic dancing. By the end of it I’ll probably take a flower from my bride’s bouquet and press it so I can later frame it.” – Age 22

13. “I’d like to get married in California, maybe like 100-200 people, summer or winter wedding. I think it would be cool to incorporate photography and DJing into it so I’d probably do like a mini photoshoot with my wife and DJ a few songs at the wedding. Not sure on outside or inside venue though.” – Age 22

14. “Lol kinda have it planned I guess. I would want it an older style with a 60’s feel or at a beautiful outdoor setting. Tbh, I haven’t thought of really planning it.” – Age 21

15. “My dream wedding would be in the winter snow of Colorado, where both the groom and bride wear a white suit, white tie, and white dress. The wedding itself would be outside and the reception would be inside with a giant heated pool for everyone to jump in.” – Age 20

16. “Hmmm not really planning anything. It’s gonna be my wife’s day so I’m leaving it to her.” – Age 20

17. “An occupied coat closet.” – Age 20

18. “As long as I have a smokin’ hot bride, I don't care what the wedding is like.” – Age 23

19. “Please. Not. Pink.” – Age 18

20. “I don’t really care as long as we go to a nude beach for our honeymoon.” – Age 21

21. I’d really like it to be in the middle of the woods. Simple, with some nice Italian food. And lights all around for vibes." - Age 20

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