We Really Are Graduating Soon
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We Really Are Graduating Soon

It's almost over, enjoy the little time you have left here

We Really Are Graduating Soon

We really are graduating soon and that's so insane to think about. Things have changed so much since freshmen year, everything has, everyone has. And we're all almost adults now! We actually made it!

I actually (and this may sound pathetic) have this group really really good friends! As someone like me who tends to be an introvert, having my small circle of people I'm comfortable around and can be myself with is everything I ever could've dreamed of. Now I actually have that group, I have these friends who I spend time with and who I joke around with and get annoyed at and it's amazing!

Since graduation is fast approaching, I've come to the realization that I'm going to be separated from the majority of my good friends and it makes me a bit sad. I don't know how things will change once we all go our separate ways for college, but I hope that we all stay in touch and continue to be friends. It's all a scary mystery at this point, but it helps to not spend all your time worrying and to just live in the moment.

At the time that I'm writing this, my senior prom, my last prom ever, is tomorrow and I'm extremely excited and nervous and anxious, but mostly excited :D

So for now I'll push away the sad thoughts telling me that this will all be over soon and embrace the laughs, the fun and the good times while I still can. That's all we can do.

College is going to be this whole new world that I honestly don't feel too ready for, but it's coming and I pray that I get to keep all my amazing friends and we can support each other through this next stage of our lives.

So don't despair when you worry about the future, don't waste the time you have left in high school worrying and just enjoy what you have now. Time will go on no matter what you do so being worried and afraid is pointless.

Enjoy the rest of high school my fellow seniors, only a little over a month to go c:

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