We Must Push Forward

We Must Push Forward

United we stand, divided we fall

As the 2016 presidential election is now behind us, it is time to push forward.

There have been plenty of raw emotions involved in this race, and with the results came both pain and triumph.

That being said, there is no more that we can do in regards to the president-elect America has chosen. We cannot change what has already been done, therefore we must accept it and push for a better, bright future.

We, the people of America, hold the power. We by far out number the handful of politicians in this country. If we care strongly enough about an issue, we have the power to come together peacefully to make an immense impact and ignite change.

Now is the time for Americans to learn to stand together more than ever.

Regardless of the name you wrote on your ballot, we are one.

Black, white, latino, gay, straight, whatever we may be, it does not define us. What does define us is that we are all American citizens, and as American citizens it is our duty to stand strong together.

We must stop criticizing each other for our differences in opinion, and rather rise above those differences to become stronger together.

We need to direct the focus away from what bad could possibly happen, and start to put our attention towards the positive changes that we, as American citizens, can put into action.

We need to start to understand that we are all the same. We all share the same emotions. We all have the ability to feel happiness, sadness, and whatever other emotions may be bestowed upon us. We all live on this one, constantly revolving ball of blue and green, and this is the only place we will ever have the opportunity to live.

We share the same blood, we drink from the same fountain of life, and it is time that is recognized so we can finally hold our hands up together tightly.

If your mindset is that America is doomed, then the issue lies not fully in the president, but within your soul. With negative thoughts come negative results. Positivity and peaceful course of action are the only way to create the country you are hoping for.

Which is the very reason why we must stand united.

WE have the ability to grant all rights to the LGBTQ community.

WE have the power to slow and reverse climate change.

WE have the chance to fight for equality of all.

WE are Americans and WE are one nation, not a nation divided.

We must push forward with kindness, dignity and respect, plastering a wonderful name to this country that we CAN and WILL transform into one to be proud of.

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I'm A Woman And You Can't Convince Me Breastfeeding In Public Is OK In 2019

Sorry, not sorry.


Lately, I have seen so many people going off on social media about how people shouldn't be upset with mothers breastfeeding in public. You know what? I disagree.

There's a huge difference between being modest while breastfeeding and just being straight up careless, trashy and disrespectful to those around you. Why don't you try popping out a boob without a baby attached to it and see how long it takes for you to get arrested for public indecency? Strange how that works, right?

So many people talking about it bring up the point of how we shouldn't "sexualize" breastfeeding and seeing a woman's breasts while doing so. Actually, all of these people are missing the point. It's not sexual, it's just purely immodest and disrespectful.

If you see a girl in a shirt cut too low, you call her a slut. If you see a celebrity post a nude photo, you call them immodest and a terrible role model. What makes you think that pulling out a breast in the middle of public is different, regardless of what you're doing with it?

If I'm eating in a restaurant, I would be disgusted if the person at the table next to me had their bare feet out while they were eating. It's just not appropriate. Neither is pulling out your breast for the entire general public to see.

Nobody asked you to put a blanket over your kid's head to feed them. Nobody asked you to go feed them in a dirty bathroom. But you don't need to basically be topless to feed your kid. Growing up, I watched my mom feed my younger siblings in public. She never shied away from it, but the way she did it was always tasteful and never drew attention. She would cover herself up while doing it. She would make sure that nothing inappropriate could be seen. She was lowkey about it.

Mindblowing, right? Wait, you can actually breastfeed in public and not have to show everyone what you're doing? What a revolutionary idea!

There is nothing wrong with feeding your baby. It's something you need to do, it's a part of life. But there is definitely something wrong with thinking it's fine to expose yourself to the entire world while doing it. Nobody wants to see it. Nobody cares if you're feeding your kid. Nobody cares if you're trying to make some sort of weird "feminist" statement by showing them your boobs.

Cover up. Be modest. Be mindful. Be respectful. Don't want to see my boobs? Good, I don't want to see yours either. Hard to believe, I know.

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21 Tweets About Anti-Vax Children That Will Make Parents Get Their Kids Vaccinated ASAP

Vaccinate your kids. Period.


I have compiled 21 tweets about anti-vaccination parents and their children that did not only make me laugh, but made me further enforce my belief that parents need to vaccinate their kids.

These tweets are pretty dark, to be honest, but once you think about the situation at hand, sometimes it is best to approach it in a funny way so you can get your point across.

You have been warned.

These tweets may be funny, but the situation is not funny. Do your research and help people around you not get sick by vaccinating your kids.






















(and probably the most important tweet of all).

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