I have, yet again, despite having a full two weeks to write my article, forgotten to brainstorm what to write my article about. It's not like I don't have some options of things to write about, I very much do, I think, but my article is due in less than four hours and I am positive that I am getting the unknown virus that my sister had when I was home last weekend and I have so much stuff to do. So much stuff. So, even though I tried to sit down to write my article last night, when I had the same amount of things to do but one more night to do it all, here we are.

I even got to the single class that I have on Wednesday's like a full thirty minutes early to sit down and write this article and come up with an interesting topic that had nothing to do with the holiday's but I have very notably not done that. I've been having a bad week, everyone. I have, literally, seven more days of classes left in the entire semester and I physically cannot get through them all.

However, my parents didn't raise a quitter so I'm going to try, really hard to get through the semester even though I REALLY JUST WANT TO GO TO BED.


I've got like, four papers to write over the next few weeks and two exams, and a creative project, and I have to plan a conversation with my honors professor and it feels like bedtime, tbh. However, I am not able to make the next three weeks of my life bedtime, because we are all going to succeed people. I'm going to write all of the (now five) papers, and I am going to be creative, and I am going to talk with my honors professor in place of a final exam and then GO HOME AND WATCH HALLMARK MOVIES.

It is bedtime, but we've got three weeks left and we are going to make these three weeks our b*tch, people.

We might not want to, but we can do it, and we're going to do it right.