5 Ways To Tell It's Officially "Winter" In Florida

5 Ways To Tell It's Officially "Winter" In Florida

Because sometimes, it can be hard to tell when we've hit those winter months...outside of a calendar telling you so.

Alex Harvey

With Florida being, well, Florida, it can sometimes be difficult to realize when winter has truly arrived. Here are some hints to help you out:

1. The population of people with white hair increases faster than the sales of Apple products.

Two words: snow birds.

2. The weather becomes (slightly) more tolerable.

But only ever so slightly...

3. Rush Hour extends to Rush Days.

Ever had Rush Hour with like a million slow driving snow birds added to make it actual hell? Yeah...don't subject yourself to that.

4. Beach Santa makes a comeback.

Enough said.

5. Parking is also hell.

Hey! You know all those stores that you love to go to? Good luck finding a parking spot! #ThankYouSnowBirds.

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