Thanksgiving is over but the aftermath of eating all of that delicious food may not be. Christmas is right around the corner, and if you want to stay in tip top shape for New Years than there are a couple of options that you can do to keep your body in shape.

Yoga is a really good option if you want a workout that is good for the body and soul. It is harder than it seems, but enjoyable.

Another good workout is Tabata. This is a high intensity interval training workout. This features exercises that last four minutes.

Zumba is a fun way to loose weight. It consists of dance fitness. So you can dance, have fun and loose weight at the same time.

Pilates is also a good workout if you do not want to bulk up the body. This works on flexibility, strength and body awareness.

Of course, there is always a gym that you could go to and walk on the treadmill or use any of the other useful machines available. Some gyms even offer Pilates or Zumba classes. Any of these options are useful and fun ways to loose weight if you are up for the challenge!