Ways To Alleviate Stress And Anxiety

Ways To Alleviate Stress And Anxiety

It's something we all deal with

Something I think everyone deals with nowadays, to some degree, is stress and anxiety. Whether you're clinically diagnosed or just dealing with the general effects of life, it is a nasty thing to fall into. It has the ability to render us feeling helpless with little room to breathe. So what do we do? How can we deal with stress in a healthy manner that won't subside the stresses and anxiety, but start to help in the getting better process? For starters, I'll tell you whats not healthy pushing yourself and throwing yourself into your work. Ignoring the problem only hurts you more, and makes it only harder for you to deal with later. I know from experience, pushing myself through the anxiety by continuing to work and not giving myself time to rest and process only made the anxiety grow until I exploded. Stop taking the easy route of ignoring the problem, and allow yourself to rest and be still.

In this period of my life, finding healthy outlets for stress has been a big focus, and has deemed so refreshing. Everyone is created differently, and the way stress takes form in us and the ways in which we can alleviate it varies. The goal here is to give ideas and promote you to find your own healthy ways to relieve your anxiety. Some tactics will work for some time and then they may stop, but you must continue to choose to find new ways to manage stress and then carry them out.

To start, identify the things and hobbies which interest you, and go from there. For me, I am naturally the creative type. So a lot of ways in which I alleviate my stress has to do with art and expression. However, you are never limited. How knows you could find a lot of relief in something completely opposite of what you would originally be inclined to. Anyways, here a list of things to try when life seems to be getting the best of you.

1. Photography

Taking pictures and capturing moments can be more therapeutic and insightful than you might think. When you're focusing on taking pictures you're focusing on finding beauty in the world. When you can see the beauty in the world, you can enjoy being in it. You're no longer focusing what's causing anxiety.

2. Draw

From doodling to masterworks, there's just something about putting pencil/pen to paper and making lines that turn into little works of art.

3. Mind puzzles

For the more logical thinkers, mind puzzles are a great anxiety reliever. The sense of certainty in mind puzzles can be comforting, especially when anxiety is caused from a lack of control. Plus, there is a great feeling of accomplishment that comes from solving something that started out as incomplete.

4. Play an instrument

For the musically inclined and music lovers in general, playing an instrument when speaking anxiety is rampant can be incredibly calming. It's not just you listening to the music, but it's you investing in the making of it. So much emotion can be released when you're pressing the keys down hard or stunning the string softly.

5. Go for a walk/run

Exercise is always a great way to relieve stress and anxiety. You don't have to do it like you're training for the big leagues. You can move at whatever pace and intensity you'd like. Focused moving can bring clarity of mind.

6. Read

Escaping to another world or reading about something new and enjoyable can give us a break from thinking and dealing with stress and anxiety.

7. Listen to music

Music. Need I say more?

8. Cook/Bake

Creation that is edible. Again the sense of creating and going through the process can be highly enjoyable because you're focusing your energy on thoughts on creating something great and edible.

9. Write/Journal

For those of you who find it hard to speak and get your thoughts and feelings out on the spot, writing can be a great outlet. Journaling, writing poetry, or whatever other form of writing interests you helps alleviate the intangible weight and clutter that fills your brain when anxiety and stress is high.

10. Talk with someone

On the other hand, talking can be more beneficial to others than writing. Having someone take the time to listen to all the things on your mind can be comforting. A response doesn't always need to follow, though it can, its the act of someone caring enough that really helps relieve anxiety.

11. Paint

As with drawing and photography, it's that act of creating and letting the more fluid/freer parts or your mind work. Letting your thoughts move as fluidly as your hand does as each stroke of color is added.

12. Pray

For believers and non-believers alike, prayer is always an option. Talking to God and telling him everything that is on your heart: the good, bad, and ugly can relieve stress like non other because He cares. He wants us to come to him when we're lost, alone, and hurting. He is our father and creator who loves and cares for us. 1 Peter 5:7.

13. Clean/Organize

For those of you who crave structure and order, cleaning and organizing things can be extremely comforting. Being able to have some sense of control over a certain thing is key. Everything feels a lot better when it's organized the way you want it to be.

14. Go for a drive

Driving is either a hit or a miss, you either love driving or you hate it. So, for those of you who love to drive, try doing it with no destination in mind. Let the movement and change of scenery clear your mind. Roll down the windows and blast some music, and

have fun.

15. Breathe

Breathing exercises can be very beneficially to those who deal with anxious breathing such as myself. I'm either not breathing at all or I'm breathing to much and too fast both of which are bad. Breathing exercises can help regulate your breathing pattern and heart rate when your anxious. Focusing on your breathing can help focus your thoughts and calm yourself. It is okay to breathe, you will get through this.

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1. Captivating

I want one glance at me to completely steal your breath away.

2. Magnetic

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3. Raw

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..and I want you addicted.

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Cover Image Credit: Favim

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For Camille, With Love

To my godmother, my second mom, my rooted confidence, my support


First grade, March. It was my first birthday without my mom. You through a huge party for me, a sleepover with friends from school. It included dress up games and making pizza and Disney trivia. You, along with help from my grandma, threw me the best birthday party a 7-year-old could possibly want.

During elementary school, I carpooled with you and a few of the neighborhood kids. I was always the last one to be dropped off, sometimes you would sneak a donut for me. Living next door to you was a blessing. You helped me with everything. In second grade, you helped me rehearse lines for history day so I could get extra credit. In 4th grade, you helped me build my California mission.

You and your sister came out to my 6th grade "graduation". You bought me balloons and made me feel as if moving onto middle school was the coolest thing in the entire world.

While you moved away from next door, you were a constant in my life. Going to Ruby's Diner for my birthday, seeing movies at the Irvine Spectrum and just hanging out, I saw you all the time. During these times, you told me about all of the silly things you did with my mom and dad, how my mom was your best friend. I couldn't have had a greater godmother.

In middle school, you pushed me to do my best and to enroll in honors. You helped me through puberty and the awkward stages of being a woman.

Every single time I saw you, it would light up my entire day, my week. You were more than my godmother, you were my second mom. You understood things that my grandma didn't.

When you married John, you included me in your wedding. I still have that picture of you, Jessica, Aaron and myself on my wall at college. I was so happy for you.

Freshmen year of high school, you told me to do my best. I did my best because of you. When my grandma passed away that year, your shoulder was the one I wanted to cry on.

You were there when I needed to escape home. You understood me when I thought no one would. You helped me learn to drive, letting me drive all the way from San Clemente to Orange.

When I was applying to colleges, you encouraged me to spread my wings and fly. You told me I should explore, get out of California. I wanted to study in London, you told me to do it. That's why, when I study abroad this Spring in London, I will do it for you.

When I had gotten into UWT, you told me to go there. I did and here I am, succeeding and living my best in Tacoma. I do it for you, because of you.

When I graduated high school and I was able to deliver a speech during our baccalaureate, you cheered me on. You recorded it for me, so I could show people who weren't able to make it to the ceremony. You were one of the few people able to come to my actual graduation. You helped me celebrate the accomplishments and awards from my hard work.

When your cancer came back, I was so worried. I was afraid for you, I was afraid of what I would do without the support you had always given me. When I was in Rome, I went to the Vatican and had gotten a Cross with a purple gem in the middle blessed by the Pope to help you with your treatments. It was something from me and a little bit of my mom in the necklace, the gem.

Now, sitting so far from you away at college just like you wanted me to. I miss you. I wish I was there to say goodbye.

I'll travel the world for you, write lots of stories and books for you, I will live life to the fullest for you.

You are another angel taken too early in life. Please say hello to my parents and grandma in Heaven for me.

Lots of love,


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