If You're Not An Arctic Animal And Don't Like The Cold, Here Are 7 Ways To Warm Up

If You're Not An Arctic Animal And Don't Like The Cold, Here Are 7 Ways To Warm Up

Even though I'm basically a snowman, I've mastered the art of staying warm.


I love the cold. I love shivering and bundling up. I dread weather above 50 degrees because it means no more sweaters and no more excuses for not going outside. I'm my happiest walking in 30 degrees weather with my jacket open clutching an iced coffee in the snow. That being said, I have developed and mastered the best ways to stay warm for all you weaklings out there.

1. Wear 16.5 layers

I'm talking an undershirt, a t-shirt, a long-sleeve, a thermal, a sweatshirt, scarf, three pairs of gloves, two pairs of pants (and underwear) and at least two hats, one for style and the other for warmth. If you don't look like the Michelin Man from "Ghostbusters," you're not doing it right.

2. Roll yourself up like a burrito in your blankets

I personally cannot sleep with socks on despite the possibility of frostbite on my toes. I will not be able to knock out until my feet have full freedom. The only way I have found to counteract this, is to completely become one with the blankets as a living burrito. Not only will it prevent you from sleepwalking, you never have to leave your bed again.

3. Drink hot chocolate like it's water

Who needs H2O anyway? You've gotta make that good stuff, actual milk and whipped cream. Now just drink about a mug every couple of hours and you will no longer be filled with hatred of the cold, but instead the warm deliciousness of the 200 or so calories you just inhaled. There's also tea, but that was dumped in the harbor for a reason.

4. Snuggle with your "person"

I put "person" in quotations because for me it is forcing my cat to stay with me or shoving my feet under all 65 pounds of my dog when I'm lying in bed. If you have an actual human, that may work, but I prefer watching "Avengers" for the fifth time with my cat and half a bag of Doritos.


Even though they may gather up all the dog hair you have ignored since the holidays, wear them. they cover everything from your toes to ankles in a wonderful fur like coating that just make sense. They will leave you ready to dance on the hardwood floor and fight the post-holiday blues.

6. Exercise, sorry kids

I think this one is the hardest to hear, but going for a nice run or doing some squats at the gym are really good ways to keep yourself warm. Plus the more you work out the more hot showers you get to take.

7. When all else fails, just don't go outside

It's as simple as that. Why leave your cat and your bed for the brave adventures of being amongst people and socializing?

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10 Ways To Use Winter Weather To Benefit Your Dating Life

Why risk frostbite for a fancy dinner when you can spend the night in?


Unless you're off on a vacation for the winter, we're all dealing with some blizzard-like conditions about now. It's Michigan, so who knows what tomorrow will bring?

You may be someone, like me, who'd rather curl up under a fuzzy blanket with a warm cup of cocoa or coffee than venture out into the cold unless absolutely necessary. Like most activities during the winter, your dating life may not be your top priority.

But it doesn't have to! Winter can be the best time to start looking for a special someone!

1. Cozy up and set some new goals

You may be thinking, I don't have time to sit down and make a list! But hey, the chances of being stuck inside all day thanks to the "polar vortex" are higher, so dedicate a bit of time to making that list!

Not everyone sets a new goal with the idea of finding someone to date. Meeting someone can just happen sometimes. And even if you don't meet someone, at least new goals and experiences will get you out of the winter rut most people fall into.

Make a goal of trying one or maybe two new activities each month, this winter.

2. Ask someone on a cuddle date

As I've stated before, most people just want to ball up under a warm blanket. Well guess what, you could use that! Curl up with that cutie you have your eye on and watch a movie or tv show.

After of course offering them a nice warm cup of hot cocoa with marshmallows!

3. Sign up for an online dating website.

Another way to stay inside while still looking for a nice guy or girl.

There are so many options! Which, yeah, might make it a bit hard to pick one. But many are usable without being SUPER expensive. Or hey, if you're really committed to find someone special, sign up for a month and see what happens.

Worst case, stick with Tinder. It's got a bad rep and not every guy or girl is who they say they are, but there are guys and girls who use it who are looking for a genuine relationship. Just gotta sift through all the weirdos to find them.

4. Offer to cook them a good hardy meal.

Why risk frostbite for a fancy dinner when you can spend the night in. Soups and stews are amazing during the winter, so offer to cook for that special someone you're interested in dating.

It's an excuse to stay in and chat the night away with them, and also shows off a talent. Or if you can't cook and dinner is a flop, order a pizza and tell the funny story for years to come.

5. There's less pressure to come up with an AMAZING date night

When neither of you wants to go out in the cold, the date ideas are narrowed down quite a bit. But there are plenty of good indoor date ideas as well!

Bake cookies! Play games! Binge watch one of your favorite shows! Watch a scary movie! Watch documentaries about warm places! Go to a book store (insert heart-eyed emoji here)! It can be so simple.

6. Winter tends to be the loneliest season.

Yeah, ever heard of seasonal depression, it's a real thing. So, break out of that winter rut!

Find someone, because I guarantee you there is someone else out there just as lonely, looking for someone special as well! Be the first to initiate a conversation. Or dare to be bold and ask them out. Someone has to be the first.

7. Consider venturing out of your comfort zone.

There are several out door things to do in the winter. So, yeah, it may suck to be out freezing your touche off, but some of the best memories can be made during the winter.

Snow ball fights. Sledding. Building an extremely odd looking snow man (mine tend to be square). Ice skating. The list goes on! And after wards, invite them over to warm up and have a nice conversation or do whatever floats your boat.

8. You have the opportunity to bond more.

It can be hard to find stuff in common with others because everyone is unique in their own way. We all have different jobs, interests, hobbies, friends, favorite shows/movies, etc.

One thing that basically everyone has in common is a mutual hatred of winter. There is an immediate conversation starter for those awkward first dates. You can joke about the weather and share scary or funny winter mishaps you or a person you know have experience.

9. Winter is the most romantic setting for  a meet-cute

If you meet someone in the fall or spring it would still be romantic and wonderful, because you found someone finally, after months or even years of searching.

However, there's something special about a love story that begins in the winter. It's such a cliche romantic setting having the snow falling outside the window and predictions of a huge storm playing in the background that'll make you think of just cuddling up with this special someone forever and ever.

10. Winter clothing flatters everyone

It's hard not to look like someone cuddly while wearing a cute (or ugly) sweater and fluffy scarf! So go get out your favorite cozy winter clothes, be confident, as you show off while still staying warm.

So yeah! Winter dating can be the best! I'd wait until the later months of winter, like January or February, because you don't want to end up being "locked in" as a "winter girlfriend/boyfriend" only to have your heart broken come spring or summer.

Happy dating!

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Rutgers Endangered Thousands Of Students By Not Canceling Classes On February 11th

No matter how one puts it, to still have classes open during a state of emergency with all the potential perils is just ludicrous and abandons all common sense.


February 11th, 2019: New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy declared a state of emergency due to the pending winter storm that was bound to arrive the next day. Almost all weather channels and websites predicted that there would be anywhere from three to six inches of snow with a rich mixture of ice and sleet.

Also February 11th, 2019: Rutgers University declares a delayed opening for all university classes except Rutgers Newark and RBHS Newark.

No matter how one puts it, to still have classes open during a state of emergency with all the potential perils is just ludicrous and abandons all common sense. Most other New Jersey colleges and universities seem to agree with this basic train of thought, as other New Jersey institutions like Kean University, Seton Hall University, and Montclair State University all wisely closed their respective campus classes to ensure the safety of their students.

This statement is made without even taking into account that Rutgers University has tens of thousands of students who commute to school. From the potential ice hazards to the massive amounts of mud and snow, the number of dangers the weather proposed is more than just a few. More than 17 thousand commuters were left in a lose-lose situation: risk their safety on the road driving to school or the valuable information from classes, which is more critical particularly now since the first wave of exams are approaching for most students. Thankfully, there were a handful of professors who were sane enough to cancel their classes because they actually recognized, unlike Rutgers University, that some students have to travel decent lengths to come to school.

This occurrence is not just a one-time event - Rutgers University opened during another blizzard last year, which caused massive issues towards student employees on campus. Again, most colleges closed during this statement of emergency except for Rutgers.

Simply put, there appears to be a lack of respect and care given towards Rutgers students and especially commuters. No logic can explain why Rutgers wants to put whatever incentive they may receive from opening the university above the safety of its students. The fact that this event happened multiple times bodes poorly for commuters in future situations like these. As such, there needs to be a tangible action to be taken immediately before an occurrence similar to this one happens again. Who knows when a severe accident or injury occurs as a result of sheer poor judgment? Priorities must change so that the well-being of students and commuters are number one compared to everything else.

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