I have nothing against winter. I love snow, Christmas, and everything associated with the wonderfully festive season. That is, except one thing: freezing temperatures. Here are signs that you live somewhere far too cold for your own good.

1. Your face feels like it's going to fall off

Either that, or it's just completely numb.

2. Your coffee gets cold when you walk outside

If you drink anything hot, you know what I'm talking about.

3. The temperature is below zero

Below freezing is bad enough.

4. You need to wear a million layers

After that, don't forget to put on a hat and a scarf.

5. Schools nearby are closing because of the temperature

If a little kid can't stand and wait at the bus stop, I shouldn't have to haul myself to class.

6. There is a Wind Chill Advisory

Nope, no thank you. It's cold enough without the wind.

7. Snow hasn't been melting

It has been far too cold for far too long.

8. It hurts to breathe

I love fresh air as much as the next person, but now is not the time to turn my lungs into ice.

9. Your glasses fog up when you step outside

That's okay, though, because you don't need to see anything to know that it's freezing out.

10. You can see your breath in the cold air

I have two final words for you: too cold.