Thanks for choosing me. It was quite the choice, but thanks.( Insert some crazy laugh crying emoji here)

I know what you're thinking," Wow this is some girl, she is the one." Well, I certainly appreciate the thought, but you might want to know that you really did make quite the choice. There are some things you should know, especially since you think you want to be my forever person.

You never have to worry about me hurting you, turning up unannounced or trying to take every ounce of your attention, but you will have some worries down the line.

For one, I over think everything. Do you remember that time you fell asleep while we were having a deep conversation? Well, I thought I said something offensive. You probably are thinking, wow this girl is crazy. Well, I'll just let you know everything I over think about has happened, and I know for a fact I say offensive things at times. If you yell at me, I'm going to think about everything I've ever done to lead up to this moment. So if we fight about who's making dinner I'll probably end up thinking about how I don't show my affection to you enough. Don't worry, I'll never tell you that I'm feeling these types of emotions. I'll simply play cool until I have talked myself down from my mood. Just know that when I'm acting a certain way it's because I'm over thinking and I need my space.

One of the biggest worries you need to have for me is if I cry in front of you. Sometimes when I watch a movie I'll get a bit teary eyed and a couple tears will fall down, but if I am full on crying get in the bomb shelter because something bad happened. Also, have tissues and Motrin prepared because it's going to be a long week. Once something has moved me to cry I will literally have sudden outburst throughout the week just because I'm replaying the situation in my head. I will also cry until I have a massive headache, so I'll probably complain about that…. while crying.

The biggest thing you need to worry about is my lack of trust. Don't get me wrong, I have a lot of faith and believe that people try their best… but that doesn't mean people do their best. I won't ever assume you cheated, or question if your affection for me. But I'm not going to sit by and give you my trust if you haven't earned it. To this day there is only one human being that I have trust in and still I have my moments where I back track with her.

These are the biggest things you have to worry about with me, but I got great news. You also have some things to look forward to.

For one, I will stick by your side through nearly anything. If you have a rough day at work I will be there to chill right by you. If you are feeling down, I will crack some jokes to make your day a little brighter. If you lie to some random stranger, I will look them in the eye and go along with whatever you say. I'm being honest, I'm a terrible liar and will probably get caught in the act. Being in a relationship means sticking by your person, and even if you are acting a fool, I will stay by your side. I'll just let you know you're foolish when we are alone.

I'm also pretty simple. I don't care for materialistic items. I don't need to go on dates often. I also don't expect for more of your money to be put forward in a relationship. Just put on Netflix, cuddle, and let me give you a massage and I'll be happy. Don't get me wrong we can't just do Netflix, but I never expect you to go and spend money on me. Let's go to the park, the beach, wherever is fine. In fact, I'll make sure to make some plans every once in awhile, so don't worry about feeling as if you need a storage full of date ideas.

The last thing you may look forward to, or absolutely dread, is I can get overly excited about anything. I'm a very strange person with a lot of quirks. I get excited over old movie and books. I can really get into conspiracy theories, and I'll let you know why mermaids are definitely real. I also love psychology and I could go on for hours about the inner workings of a person's mind, and that fills me with tons of excitement.

Now that you know what you have to look forward to I just want you to know what means most to me. My siblings are my world, so you will have some competition for my focus, but I promise to work you in. My friends are the greatest people I know, so if you say something I'll 100 percent get defensive. I come from a crazy family too, so be ready for unnecessary drama. Don't worry, they are worth it.

But you know thanks for choosing me, just know this works two ways. So in the words of Ash to whoever you may be, "I chose you."