Poetry On Odyssey: I Walked Through Paradise

The moment I saw it, I had to catch my breath.

There was green all around,

the type you see during the spring

the mountains made me feel like a mouse looking up at a tree.

I heard a waterfall,

sounding soothing and calm.

All the tourists wore short shorts and tank tops,

occasionally flip flops

Confused, since Iao rains all the time

When I first glanced at it, I thought,

why don't we have places like this at home,

It looks like a volcano.;

It's beautiful.

After walking a mile across the black parking lot pavement,

I finally got my close look.

My eyes widened as I saw Iao.

The mountains were filled with exotic plants from all around.

One looked like the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

We read about Iao on a plaque before entering.

My uncle and I trudged up the big steps of the path, passing a million plants, to the smallest mountain.

They had plants from around the world - even bamboo!

When we got to the top I heard the clicking of cameras,

and tourists saying "Can you take a picture?" "wow" "beautiful" and gasping.

I looked down and around, seeing the tops of trees and a river.

I will never forget my time spent at Iao;

it was paradise.

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