A View From The Other Side Of The Bleachers
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A View From The Other Side Of The Bleachers

Reminiscing on my senior year, almost going into my sophomore year of college, makes me think about how good I had it.

A View From The Other Side Of The Bleachers
Lauren Carpenter

How in the world did a year fly by so quickly? High school graduation for me was May 27th, 2017.

Almost a year later, May 25th, 2018, was when some of my best friends graduated. I really cannot understand how fast a year can go by, because I remember graduation distinctly. Every moment, and how fast I wanted to go to Project Grad and win some prizes.

I guess this article is about how you shouldn't wish away your time in high school. For incoming college freshmen, you have a lot more responsibilities than you may have had in high school. During your four years of high school, you have the motivation from your parents always at your side, your best friends typically within a fifteen-minute drive, your loving pets, and teachers who actually care about their job. Yeah, that doesn't always happen in college.

Here are four key points you should take a look at:

1. Take my experience for instance.

Both of my parents, lived within fifteen minutes of each other, my Dad is in town, my Mom being out on the beach. Now they are both roughly around two hours away from me. I am a total Momma's girl, always have been and always will.

She is my rock, I can tell her anything and know that she will always take into my consideration, even if we don't see eye to eye. Especially when it comes to my life, random questions, shopping, boy help, all of that mumbo jumbo. My Dad? He's the one I go for advice, more importantly about money, my apartment, traveling, school, etc...he's a lot more stern and has his way of looking into things.

Now that I'm in college, I see them, well maybe once a month? Two if there is a holiday, just like there was last weekend. It's weird. I mean, I still talk to them both every single day of the week, but when I come home, it's like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I know that they got me.

2. My best friends.

You know who you are. Crazy to think that just merely a year ago, we were inseparable, and now, we talk...but not as much as we used to.

Even those of mine who are graduating this year, 2018, we still communicate, but it is nothing like how it was when we were right there in a short driving distance. Hitting up Pier Park, going to Rick Seltzer, hah, Vortex days (might I add, those were the best days), or even just heading to Seaside because we wanted to act all fancy eating the best food at La Crema.

To all those seniors who are graduating this year, to some of my closest friends even, your friend group gets smaller and smaller as the years go on.

Yes, you still communicate with your besties at home, but then you kinda venture off on your own path having a new group of friends you could never picture your life without.

But, that's okay, because college is a fun new experience, a time for you to really make your own mark. It's exciting. I do have a new group of friends here at Florida State, but I still greatly talk to my friends from home, and just because I live a couple hours away, doesn't mean I'm not still there for you.

3. Hah, I wish I could have a pet. A dog.

A really cute, loving, playful pup. Leaning towards more a Goldendoodle, just because they don't shed like my German Shepards do now. But hey? Am I gonna get a dog anytime soon in college? Probably not.

If you're in a dorm, kiss having a dog goodbye. Even in an apartment, some complexes don't allow it, and if they do, you have to remember that having a dog is a lot of responsibility. Planning when to take him/her out around your classes, going on vacations where you can't bring him/her, and not giving him/her as much attention as he/she deserves. In high school, your parents did a lot, including watching your (their) pets if you needed to go somewhere.

Crazy right? Definitely took that for granted...especially when I've been begging for a puppy since December...yeah, sorry Luke, I don't think I can take Kain after weighing the pros and cons. I wish!

4. Last, but certainly the most important, the teachers.

I have had my fair share with some professors who could literally care less about truly making students succeed in a class, and I'm only just getting done with my freshman year of college! But, again, that's life.

You're not always going to get the best professor at the perfect time, or make an A in a class, because that's not always possible. Just take this time to reflect on your teachers in high school and how much they actually did for you. Sometimes you do get those professors though who make the class entertaining and fun to learn, now those are the ones who make excellent role models.

For me, in high school, Ms. Hurst, Mr. Walker, Mr. Birmmingham, Mr. Naegele, Mr. Margulies, Ms. Scott, just to name a few, really put all of their efforts into a class to make it the best it could be. I wish I had them as my professors in college (Hopefully some of you read this so I don't have to tag you in it). If I had the opportunity to have them again, I would jump right on that chance.

All in all, sitting there last Friday, looking at some of my friends about to graduate, I just wanna say, don't wish time away. You may have thought that your high school years flew by, just wait, freshman year of college goes by faster.

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1. Why is Wilson Hall so complicated to navigate? Even as a senior, I still get lost in Wilson. As a freshman, I was warned about the unnecessary complexity of the building, was laughed at by upperclassman for my confused looks on the first day of school and walked and rewalked the whole hall before finding my classroom. #annoying.

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