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    Well here goes nothing... My name is Jennifer Barron and my favorite color is orange. I know you are probably thinking why are you telling me your favorite color but I think it is important about someone. It can say a lot about their personality. Orange to me brightens the world and makes everything a little bit more upbeat. My goals as blogger are always to 1. make someone's day better, 2. make someone smile, and 3.write something that is relatable to almost everyone in some way! I think sometimes people feel like no one "gets it" or that no one goes through the same things they do and my goal is to be that person. The person people can relate to. I am in nursing school right now so I see and hear a lot of things that spark my mind about blogging. As a nursing student I love reading The Odyssey because it always makes my day, or makes me laugh. I want to bring that joy to others. I live by the philosophy, "you do not know the battles other's face behind closed doors, so be the smile that keeps them going for just one more day."

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