Dear Mr. Grinch,

I get it, you don't like Christmas. You don't like absolutely anything about it; the season, the reason, the music, the decorations, the smells, and the fa la la la la more and more. And let me say one thing about that, it breaks my heart.

It is safe to say I love Christmas. I love everything about the season. Granted I will say I was raised in a traditional southern family where the holiday season meant family, good food, Christmas plays up at the church, a good smelling house, and the biggest Christmas tree we could cut down.

With my great grandmother's recipes it is safe to say my mom could beat Paula Dean and Betty Crocker in the kitchen any day of the week, especially at Christmas. On any given day between Thanksgiving week and Christmas Day you can walk into our house to find chocolate cakes, divinity, glazed pecans, homemade dressing, cheese biscuits, and sausage balls. So what is there not to love about the season? I guess it is easy for me to not get it.

But here is the thing, I don't love the season for the tangible things, I love it because it is a time of togetherness, love, giving, and warm hearts. It is a time that miracles happen and long time grudges get dissolved. It is when the biggest messes in the kitchen are made, and little kids are the most well behaved. It is happiness and joy and the birth of baby Jesus! It is a wonderful time of the year!

So how do you hate the season so much, Mr. Grinch? You constantly try to make everyone else miserable because you don't like it? What don't you like?... And how can I fix that? Because the truth is you won't bring down my Holiday Spirit, in fact the more you try to the more festive I get. I am that person who is determined to melt you heart of snow and would give anything to see the Christmas inside of your heart grow! You are so confused and missing out. Mr. Grinch, come on, please hear me out...

It isn't about the presents, music, or lights. It is about love and happiness, not fights. Do you not have a family to celebrate with? Come join mine, the more the merrier. On Christmas Day my mom and I cook for a small army of people. But there is only 4 of blood related family in the house all day. The rest of the 30 something people are friends with no where else to go on Christmas that we welcome in our home as family of our own.

So come join us and you will see, in fact that Christmas comes from the heart, indeed. So please Mr. Grinch give it a try. Try to like Christmas at least just for a little while.


P.S. To help you get in the Christmas Spirit I have linked the schedules to all of the best Holiday shows!