You saw it daily in high school. Girls being mean to each other. Boys bragging about things that didn't happen. I wonder what it all looked like as a fly on the wall? The truth is most of us still couldn't tell you what it looks like from afar. You would've thought as we got older and started to have grown up struggles that we would see the hardships that life can entail. But maybe those people see it and still don't care? We will never know.

Personally, I've seen it so many times over the years, awful things being done, all the way down to picking one person to torment all year long. This is just plain out evil. But why?

Why as humans do we try to make everyone else's life miserable when we know just how hard life can be? How wrong is that? It isn't cool.

So what can we do about it?

When you see someone struggling, help them. Don't be mean. Don't make things worse. Love them. God wants everyone to love each other. And in our world today everyone needs love. Love and compassion, not hatred and harm.

Can we strive as God's children to love one another? Live by the golden rule: "Treat those how you would want to be treated."

How awesome would the world be if we could all make someone's day better not worse? Take the challenge, make just one person's day better. Whether it be a stranger or a close friend. Do what it takes to make them smile. You never know how much a small gesture of kindness could do. You could save someone's life without knowing any better.