The South GA Squat: It's A Real [Problem] Thing!

We all know that the majority of Statesboro, Ga. has lifted trucks, but have you heard of the new trend called the "South GA squat"? Apparently it is catching on pretty quickly. I had never seen it before until moving to Statesboro for school, but it's everywhere. It is contagious.

Over the past three years, I have seen more and more trucks with the "squat" going on. But what even is the South Georgia squat? I turned to some real South Georgia boys out in Burkhalter for the answers.

"These mother *******. If you can't afford a lift, don't get a half a lift. It just doesn't work." – Indie Montana, Pi Kappa Phi

"It's a lot like having sex with a big boned woman. You might not like it, but you still do it." – Braden Maxey, GDI

"The South GA squat. It's like all these boys are pulling an invisible trailer!" – Taylor Allen, SGDA, AKA GDI

"Are you 16 again? But you are from Portal..." -Matthew Blitch

And from the outsider:

"Front lift equals ego. Back lift equals penis size." - Bill Miller, Ole Miss, KA Goat

So the verdict is that we don't understand the trend. We may never understand this "South GA squat." But it seems like it is here to stay.

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