When you come home for the holiday break, you are probably in the same boat as me: TIRED. Let's face it, we just spent a whole week in the library cramming information that we should've learned during the past 15 weeks. But, needless to say, none of that matters because you survived. You pulled out half way decent grades, found new places in the library (like the fireplace on the fourth floor), and boosted Jimmy John's sales each night around two in the morning. All you want to do is sleep but you are going to go ahead and make the trek on I-16 or whichever road you travel home, only in hopes of some good home cooked food and your own bed. But, in all reality when you get home you will get neither. But here is the reality of being 'home for the holidays'.


...really. Just what you wanted, huh? That 'home cooked meal' just turned into a chain restaurant with half way decent mashed potatoes. Not anywhere near the quality or quantity you get when your mom cooks at home. But, you don't complain. You just know they are happy to see you, but you are secretly hoping it wears off real quick.

"I have already planned a weekend family vacation, we leave tomorrow." -Dad

Well, there went your nice comfy bed you have been missing. That is getting traded in for a small, rinkie-dink, two bed, hotel room...time to fight over who gets the shower first. So you have to share a tiny double bed with your younger sibling who sleeps like an octopus sprawled out, what could be worse right? Oh, you must have forgotten how bad Dad snores while you were away at college. Maybe you should've taken the ear plugs the librarian offered you for finals...

"Oh, can you help me with my Christmas shopping?" -Teenage Brother

A.K.A "Hey can you just do my Christmas shopping for me?...and wrap them too?" As much as you love the holiday season there is something about everyone else's Christmas list that just stresses you out. Maybe it is the impossible to find item, or you get everything on their list and they 'forgot' to tell you to grab one thing. But hey, it is the holiday season right? You do for the ones you love...while everyone thinks they have good taste in style.

"I need to go back to school so I can rest..." - Me

The reality is when we come home for holiday break we want to take advantage of sleep, our comfy bed, good food, etc. But we have to remember that just cause our busy world stops, our families don't. They love us. They miss us while we are away. So go ahead and make it clear what day you are planning on heading back. If not, your parent's might try to plan a 'last minute family vacation' before you go back to school.