Whether you have a few close friends or many good friends sometimes we forget to tell them thank you for the many, insanely odd, crazy and sometimes somewhat illegal things they do for us. So here it is, thank you.

The group: You know the friends you are with all the time whether it be school, church or Greek life.

You positively have a group text that you all would consider classified and anyone not in the group text is banned from viewing. It is just a given, you can ask the dumbest question or text at the most ridiculous times and they won't get mad. They take turns saving your butt and you all have a special bond, you know, the one where embarrassing pictures and quotes will for sure make the Instagram birthday collage. But you won't get mad. But you promise to get them back. So thank you to my "group", thanks for having my back, making sure I don't leave the house without my brain, and telling me when I act ignoramus. P.S. You'll be my bridesmaids for sure one day, because I wouldn't let anyone else plan my bachelorette party.

The roommate: We were strangers and now we are besties.

Thank the lord for random roommates, right? Not everyone can say this ... but luckily we can. Thank you for always listening to me rant, giving the best advice and being my best friend. It didn't take long for us to become the best of friends and for us to realize we are just alike. Thank you for keeping me laughing and letting me teach you how to cook slowly but surely. Thank you for feeding Waylon when you drop food off the stove and accepting his furriness. Thanks for sharing your boyfriend when the handy work needs to be done and being my sidekick on any given day.

The friend that lives down the hall: You are on speed dial.

You are on speed dial because you always know what to do! Thank you for being you, always coming to eat food when I cook and being the one I can call when I need a patient to study for nursing school. Thank you for being one apartment floor away when I need a shoulder to cry on, someone to go eat with or just someone to tell me I'm wrong. You are the only person that just walks in the door without knocking and I don't get mad. Thank you for always sharing movies with me on google drive and making sure I am safe. You truly are the best of friend someone could ask for!

To the long distance best friend: Time difference stinks, but you are for sure under my frequent calls.

Even though you live 1,235 miles away, I am thankful sometimes you aren't in the loop of everything happening here. Thank you for always sounding so happy when you answer the phone, it makes me smile. You are the person I can call when I need advice on something from an outsider of the situation or when no one else really needs to know. Thank you for being the person I can call and tell my whole life story for the week to and you seem interested because you haven't heard it before. Thank you for being just a phone call away at all hours of the day. Thank you for just being you, you are possibly my favorite.

To my Big: You know when I am in trouble before I do.

Thank you for always knowing what is going on with me before I do. You always seem to know when something is wrong, even when I am hiding it very well. You always make sure I don't eat alone and actually eat during finals week. Thank you for being my best friend and my partner in crime. If I were to end up in jail, it would probably be with you for something as silly as J-walking. Thank you for having the same southern accent as me, since somehow that is how we bonded in class that day. Love you long time, biggie smalls!

No matter where, who, when, or how you met these friends ... you did for a reason. Each of these people play an important role in your life and sometimes we take it for granted. Thank you to all the friends who keep me going on a daily basis, you aren't just friends. You are family.