1. Get Acceptance Letter

"OMG I'm gonna be a nurse!"

2. Go to buy stethoscope and scrubs

"Happy Birthday to me, I want the purple one!"

3. Night before your first day

"...300 sheep later"

4. Morning of your first day

"Do I look like Meredith and feel like Christina?"

5. Two weeks into school

"What was I thinking..."

6. Night before the first test

"I'm gonna fail. so. many. notes."

7. Half way through midterm week

"Just go on without me"

8. When your test came from everywhere but your notes and book.

"How was I suppose to know to study this??"

10. Surviving the last final of the semester

"Where's the closest bar???"

11. Realizing you have 3 more semesters of this

"I'm not gonna make it out alive.."

12. That day in clinical when you feeling like Meredith Grey

"IV start for you, Foley for you, NG for you, Trach change for you..."

13. When your instructor assigns you a total care patient 2 weeks in a row.

"Do you hate me?"

14. Realizing you graduate soon


15. Graduation

"Watch me strut across that stage, I earned it!"

16. Studying for NCLEX

"I know nothing..."

17. Passing the NCLEX

"I'm an RN, watch out world!"