Dear Hurting One,

I could sit here and say I'm sorry over and over again until the seasons change, but I know that does not change how you are feeling. My heart hurts for you. I cannot even begin to comprehend what you are feeling right now. I cannot seem to wrap my brain around why this all happened, and I wish more than anything I could turn back time, just for you. But I can't. There are things I can do, but most of them won't help. I could tell you it is going to be okay, but I know right now it isn't. It can't be. It won't be. And that is okay.

It is okay not to be okay. No one expects you to be right now. No one wants you to pretend to be, we understand. We love you. I know right now you are vulnerable and aching. Just know that I will catch you when your legs are too weak to hold your weight, when your strength gives way; when you need someone to remind you to breathe; I will be there.

When someone loses a loved one, we surround them for the days to come. Taking meals, writing thoughtful notes, sending flowers...but what about the weeks to follow? Or months on end after that when you are still hurting and in pain? I will be there. I will be on the other end of the phone line when you feel you won't get through the night, I will understand when you can't find the words to express how you feel, and I will be there when you don't want to say a word but are in need of someone present. The heart heals over time, in which time you will grow. This time varies, but I will be there.

I could wrap my arms around you and squeeze the tightest hug, but that won't take away the pain. Nothing anyone can say will right now, especially the phrase "God has a plan."

God has a plan, the most common used and generic line of them all. When we are hurting it is the last thing we want to here... because we want to think that God's plan is what we want to happen. But in reality it usually isn't. You will probably hear this a million and one times over the next few weeks, and each time you hear it you will probably get more and more mad inside. You are mad because you don't understand. No one understands. No one knows why God would take someone so precious away, but I will tell you they are in a much better place. I won't tell you "God has a plan" because I cannot even begin to tell you his plan or wrap my brain around his reasoning, but I can tell you that Heaven is a miraculous place. A place of no negativity. A place of pure sunshine and happiness. But I know right now that doesn't help the pain, and I am so sorry.

I am so sorry I can't do more. I wish I could fix everything. But I promise you aren't in this alone. You are surrounded by people who love you. People who want to do everything in their power to help you heal. Please remember you are so so loved. Please don't hesitate to ask for help, or for anything at all. You are so loved, let the world love you through your darkest. Let the world help you feel free.

With a heavy heart,

A friend.