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The soccer season in Europe is something extraordinary. Unlike American soccer, European soccer or football is taken extremely serious. From club football to countries competing to be the best in Europe. The biggest competitive football is found in the English league, The Premier League. Some of the biggest names evolved from the league, for example one of the most famous name, Christian Ronaldo who developed his career at Manchester United. All soccer players dream of competing in the English Premier League. Only the best could survive.

Despite having a rough season and placing fifth in the ranks, Manchester United has come from having the best squad to, "who will step up and rescue the name of the club," to now the most anticipated season to come. Having a scoring drought, it was unclear as to how the club was going to develop the goal scorers.

After bringing in players such as Anthony Martial, Bastian Schweinsteiger, and Morgan Schneiderlin in the 15-16 season it was still evident there was no attacking threat. In addition, a large portion of the squad had injury, such as left defender Luke Shaw's leg injury at the beginning of the season. Aside from injury, there has been player setbacks, such as the young winger, Adnan Januzaj, who was sent on loan to Borussia Dortmund in hopes of playing time. The loan was anything but good for the young player, with the loan cut short because of lack of playing time. In spite of all the difficult bumps, there are also players that held their own for themselves and the club. Players such as David de Gea, the goalkeeper, who has been outstanding and consistent with his game has helped from defeat. Also, new player, Martial, stepped forward and contributed to outstanding goals to win crucial games and keep United in the title run.

During the 2016 pre-season, the future of Manchester United started to turn around, starting with a new manager. The bringing of Jose Mourinho was expected, and still anticipated. Mourinho, despite being fired mid-season from Chelsea, still brought excitement to the fans, also for incoming players. During the summer, Mourinho was able to buy world class, Zlatan Ibrahimovic from Parias Saint-Germain, Henrikh Mkhitaryan from Borussia Dortmund, Eric Bailey from Villarreal and Paul Pogba from Juventus. With success in the 2-1 win over Leicester in the community shield the future looks bright for the red devils.

With star studded players, it will be difficult for anyone not to keep an eye on the Manchester United's upcoming season.

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