The voice of teenagers across America seems louder than ever in the wake of yet another school shooting. Many students want to stand up against this oppression that they feel guns have on their lives but there is an underlying fear that their future will be negatively affected by it. However, they are not to worry because many colleges and universities are sending out messages to current and future applicants informing them that is it is okay for them to peacefully protest. Through social media, these messages are being spread all over the nation. Thank you to the places of learning who respects the first amendment right! There are many many universities that are following this trend, here is ten of them!

1. University of Miami

2. Brown University

3. Bucknell University

4. Northeastern University

5. George Washington University

6. American University

7. The University of Wisconsin - Madison

8. University of Connecticut

9. University of Massachusettes - Amherst

10. Boston University