8 Universities Assisting COVID-19 Research Efforts
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Throughout the months that the COVID-19 pandemic has affected the world, organizations and institutions have come together like never before to provide quality aid across the globe.

Universities, specifically, are versatile during this time. They can provide research, testing, trials and case tracking. Whether their efforts are on campus or throughout the world, these institutions are making a difference.

1. University of Arizona

When the pandemic first started to spike at the end of 2019 and the beginning of 2020, confusion rang across the world. News quickly emerged that personal protective equipment (PPE) was one of the best ways to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus.

The University of Arizona played a big role in specimen collection for testing. During this process, researchers helped acquire and distribute PPE equipment after getting a better understanding of the public's needs during their testing.

2. University of California

Within the schools in the University of California's chain, the San Diego campus played a big role in clinical trial research. The quest to find a coronavirus vaccine has progressed faster than any trials in history — clinical trials are one thing that's made that speed possible.

In San Diego, researchers tested the effectiveness of remdesivir as a potential vaccine for the virus that causes COVID-19. These efforts are now leading to more progress for an effective solution.

3. University of Pittsburgh

The Center for Vaccine Research at the University of Pittsburgh has also played a key role in testing and distributing information. Clinical trials are the backbone of creating an effective vaccine. This university's collaborative efforts go hand-in-hand with its powerful testing data.

The University of Pittsburgh has also been offering antibody testing research, which will answer questions like how effective are COVID-19 antibodies — and how long will they last?

4. Johns Hopkins University

Johns Hopkins University has been a beacon of information for the United States and the rest of the world. Organizing information into one central location is a helpful way to convey the pandemic's severity.

This university has an online global COVID-19 tracker and map. The dashboard provides information about the number of cases, deaths and recoveries per country. It's imperative to visualize the number of cases and keep track of how the virus changes. This aids research and answers the public's questions simultaneously.

5. New York University

At the beginning of the U.S. outbreak, hospitals quickly became overrun with patients, reaching maximum capacities. These spikes may happen again without proper precautions. However, many schools in New York City, especially, were preparing to open their doors to hospitals.

NYU had plans to let health care facilities use the dorms as patient rooms to treat the overflow of ill individuals. That way, health care workers could have more space to social distance and have adequate rooms for patients.

6. Harvard University 

Harvard has taken a range of actions during the pandemic, from conducting research to developing vaccines. For instance, the institution published a study towards the beginning of the outbreak that linked higher air pollution levels to more COVID-19 mortalities.

Elsewhere, Harvard has also been aiding in the development of a vaccine. It could come into effect for populations most vulnerable to the virus — older adults, for example. Each step is one move in the right direction.

7. Louisiana State University

Testing is key for gaining knowledge about the virus' spread and stopping transmission. With more data, government and health officials can take action more swiftly. While testing is becoming more widespread each day, rapid testing is still rolling out to various states.

Louisiana State University has been helping to process COVID-19 testing kits faster than average rates. Health care facilities can then return results faster to the patients — prompting quicker quarantines and less exposure.

8. Boston University

Boston University is a prime example of how individual campuses can manage cases and keep the virus from spreading. Though it's hard, contact tracing is key. Boston University has rolled out a data center that keeps track of COVID-19 numbers on campus.

After a rise in cases within the college, officials took stricter action and have since shown that contact tracing can revolutionize the way universities handle the virus.

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