I'm here to talk to you about the one topic we have all been thinking about - the election.

It has been a long and unusual election. Now that it is over, there is a lot of work to do. Hatred between campaigns has been very strong and it is difficult not to act upon that example of hatred. I implore you not to fall into it.

Our country is in an incredible state of divisiveness at this time, and that division is only increasing. Although this is true, our constitution begins with "We the people." - not you, I, or me... not one certain group, not one race, and not Republicans or Democrats. Do not perpetuate the divisiveness we face. Do not perpetuate the divide in our political landscape or the social landscape.

This is bigger than either candidates' campaign. The office of the President is about far more than just its occupant. Our government functions on such a large scale, it is incredibly difficult to wrap our heads around it. We are all living in this nation together, so let's get behind each other and work together, no matter our differences.

We cannot move forward as a nation until we accept what has happened, get up, and think about how we can shape our future. Change has begun and history is being written - choose which side of history you are going to be on.